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can limewire give mac's and pc's viruses?

if not what can?

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    Yes, my pc was infected with a virus that came from a file that I downloaded using limewire. I had to use this free antivirus to delete it, you should use it too

    But then instead of using limewire I downloaded emule and my pc haven`t been infected since. I think emule is way better than limewire.

    Official site to download emule

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    Definitely, yes, Limewire causes problems with PC´s! I don´t have the experience of trying to download from Limewire with a Mac, but I can tell you that I acquired several unwanted problems, including virus problems, when I tried to use Limewire. I think I only managed to nab one song from it before the problems set in. I had to do a total clean before the computer worked properly again. I would advise against using Limewire on PC and go only with the more reputable sites, even if you have to pay a little bit for them.

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    haha. yes. limewire acn. so can EVERYTHING else. you will enver ever find any internet related thing that does not pose a virus risk. ever. dont even try. what you can do is find the BEST. in my opinion that is ares . ares is a p2p that sensors its material, making it much safer. (not to say that theres no porn, just no viruses) the network is also smaller which is advantageous because it allows less access to viruses. dispite the networks size. most thing you find on limeiwre can also be found on ares, aside from illegal pornorgaphy (its there, but less of it) ares is safe, and unlike limewire, designed not to slow your computer down. it does this with impressive success. ive had both this and limewire for years, and find ares a much superior alternative.

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  • Chris
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    Limewire won't give you a virus. Using limewire can give you a virus. If you download and use a file that's infected you'll infect your computer. Also, limewire opens ports that hackers could use attack your computer.

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    It can because when you're downloading music from hosts, those nasty viruses can climb on board your computer. After I'm through downloading songs on Limewire, I run a complete scan on my computer immediately.

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    macs at the instantaneous are not resistant to viruses. no laptop that has an information superhighway connection is resistant to viruses. the basically reason they don't get them as a lot is because no one bothers to make viruses for macs. maximum hackers objective at residing house windows because on condition that maximum folk run residing house windows, there's a higher possibility of Hacking a laptop. you nevertheless might want to get an endemic because someone who hates macs might want to write an endemic for them

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    You can download Emule for free here

    To use eMule, just connect to a server or the Kad network, search for the file you want to download, and wait for the download to complete. It is surely the best free open source P2P client.

    Hope it helps.

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    Don't know about Macs, but it certainly can give PC's viruses.

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    Both Mac and PC can be infected, but PC has a greater possibility.

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