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How long does it take for pot to get out of my system?

Okay well I just got a new job, which I really need too, Im probably going to start within the next 2 weeks. But the thing is I just found out that we need to have a drug test taken before we start there. It is going to be a urine test I know. I am by no means a pothead but a few nights ago (before I had any clue about the test) I had about 2 hits. Before that I havent smoked any pot since about 2 months ago. I am wondering how long will it take to get out of your system. I hear diffrent stuff like anywhere from 1 day to 2 months. I am a very infrequent user and I have a pretty high metabolism so I'm hoping to have it out by the next week or two. I take cranberry supplements and drink cranberry juice everyday (for diffrent reasons) so I dont know if that may help too. I am also on a detox program sort of. (I started before just to be healthy) its a whole body detox, with milk thistle and other crap. I wonder if that may help too? Any help is much appreciated

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    You can get something at GNC which is made for that purpose. Better get your butt down there pronto!

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    Drink lots of water for about 2 days. That should flush your system out. Also, drink a lot of water before your drug test, they wont let you have any water while you are there.

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    30-45 days and hope they don't due a hair test as well.

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