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guy troubles.?

ok, my head is everywhere right now and im getting confused and lost. I'm 14 and I have a bf, who is 8 months younger than me, that iv been with for about a year now, but i never really knew "the other sides of him" until we were together. He's rly nice to me and protects me, but he can also be very judgemental to other people, immature, a total dork sometimes, and has a tendancy to act before thinking. He also tries to take control of situations(sometimes with violence). I'm getting the feeling that he may not be the right guy for me and that theres someone else out there. i don't know what to do..should i wait a little bit longer to see if he changes?

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    well, he's 13, so you can't expect him to be fully mature right now. if you really like him, just wait it out because i really doubt you'll find another boy your/his age right now that's on the same maturity level.

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    He's too young and immature. And you should be worried about the violence part. In the future, say you two got married, he could get violent with you. In your shoes, at your age, knowing what I know now, I'd gradually move away from him and onto someone else.

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    Part of being with another person is accepting the good and the bad about them.

    However, you should tell him that some of his actions don't really sit well with you.

    Talk to him. Maybe he doesn't realize that what he is doing bothers you.

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    right now i feel your really to young to be series with anyone . if he is not nasty to you that talk to him about the way you feel

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