Adults do you really remember how hard being a teenager is?

I hear a lot of people making fun of teenagers saying - it can't be that hard all you have to do is go to school etc

I was thinking just then, and I remember how hard it is to try and fit in and find what kind of person you really are......

Did you ever get bullied as a kid and then grew up to have heaps of friends? Were you ever a bully that changed their ways as an adult?


btw i'm not a teenager, i just act like it!

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    Emotionally being a teenager is hard, you take everything very personally. The smallest thing seems to be the biggest problem. Fitting in was never really an issue, but I just remember my mom yelling at me or grounding me over something stupid, and I just wanted to die. Teens are overly dramatic. I do not miss it. I wouldn't say it's hard, it's just a very uncomfortable and awkward time. I would love to go back to highschool, I would love to be able to relive my later teen years over again because I had so much fun. But my life way now is so much better. So much more stable, and very secure.

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    I do remember my teens although I also remember that even though I didnt necessarily fit in with the 'normal' teen activities that I was strong and independent willed. I was never in any clique really but I had one or two close friends and that was enough - I knew that high school wasnt forever and I still had a great time because I believed in myself and knew that my personality and beliefs would get me further than the 'normal' teenager. So just keep on believing in yourself - its the one in a million who make the difference.....

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    The most important life task of adolescence is finding out who we are. Teens need to be supported and encouraged in that quest because so much of their later success and contentment depends on it. I was gently bullied by Mrs Manipulative, the Quees of Guilt and I'm still trying to figure out what should have been finished by about 25. I'm more than twice that. Adults, don't judge...listen, accept and free.

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    Strangely enough, I can feel myself understanding teenagers less and less, and I was just a teenager three years ago! However, if a teen needs my help or advice, I'll try to help them instead of just slamming them.

    Yes, I had a not so memorable time as a teen, but like I said, I'll try to use tidbits of my life to use it as inspiration for others. Like, you're not the only one going through this, so you're not alone.

    But if it's just the typical "ooh, I like a boy, my parents suck, etc." -- I'll just ignore that.

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    One of the hardest things for me when I was a teenager was the music that you like and your parents can't stand it or always tell you to turn down the volume. Now that I'm all grown up now my parents aren't bothered by the music (Heavy Metal music) at all. I was bullied sometimes but I always fought back and earned my respect.

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    yea I do and I am 28 now with my own child and I hope I will still be able to understand what he is going through since every generation has their own problems. Just remember if it was hard when you were a kid it will be twice as hard for the next generation

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    I never was really bullied but i never fit in. I never really had any friends. I still feel the same way as an adult.

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    yeah I remember.I'm 30, & being a kid , teen is VERY stressfull , but now as an adult, you get through it, you really do...I had not many frineds, I was an I got married at 15 & had a baby at 16...That was worse.But it got so bad in school, i would get sick from were either in or not...never an in between...but it really doesnt matter, trust me.I was at a private school & man they were harsh!you'll be ok...

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    Well I was bullied when I was a teenager but you have just got to learn to stand up for your self.

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    Do I ever! I hated middle school! It was the worst years of my life. High school wasn't as bad, but it's not an experience I'd ever want to repeat, either.

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