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Any cool flirty make-up tips?

i go to school and lately ive been trying to get my ex back. ive been talking to him and we decided that we're gunna hang out soon. any tips or looks i should try to look irresistable? thankz

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    *curl eye lashes

    *bit of mascara to look flirty

    *glitter eyeliner


    *lit pink glossy lip gloss (make sure it's not to pink)


    *pink but not to pink on high cheek bones

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    To make your eyes look wider...put concealer on the outer corners of your eyes then blend.

    Apply fake lashes on the outer half of you lids. Then Apply lots and lots of volumizing mascara.

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    Eye liner on the inside of the bottom of the eye.

    Source(s): my sis
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    You can try different eye shadows ( Monos or Duos) on their virtual eye model. They also give you tips

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    you can put on lip liner and very little eye shadow make it so its not to noticable.

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