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Who knows how to get cheap cruises to Alaska and Russia?

Leaving after the month of May. For June, July, Aug. Sept., ect.

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    The best time to go is when you can get the best price. The Alaska cruise season is from May to Sept. The weather is generally warmer in June, July and Aug, but it can also be pleasant in May and Sept. When we went a few years ago in May it was shirt sleeve weather (70's) in Anchorage and Fairbanks. The best prices will be in May and Sept but you will see the same things as other times. The port stops will be the same but may be in a different order. Some cruises ship itineraries are run in reverse order, North to South vs starting in Seattle or Vancouver.

    Alaska cruises book up quickly because the cruise season is relatively short. So book now for a cruise in Sept. The lowest priced cabins will be the inside cabins. Outside, balcony and suites will cost much more.

    The only cruises that I know of that go to Russia or those with an itinerary to the Baltic (i.e., Poland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, etc.,) and they have a stop in St Petersburg. We did that cruise last year (May) out of Dover England on a Celebrity cruise line ship. It was a 14 day cruise and we spend 2 days in St Petersburg. Prices for those itineraries on this and other cruise lines will run $1500 to $2000 and up.

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    Cruise Alaska the way Alaskans do. Use the Alaska Marine Highway! Save a fortune. You'll be getting on the ship in Bellingham Washington instead of Seattle or Vancouver. You have the option of a stateroom or not. (or a stateroom only part of the way). You can camp on the deck (no kidding you can cruise and sleep in a tent) or sleep inside or in a stateroom.

    Source(s): www.akferry.org
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    I use www.ytbtravel.com/gordonsa for cheap cruises. I have been to Alaska or russia on a cruise but there cheap to the carribean so you would think there cheap on a trip to AL or RUS.

    Good Luck

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    I know!

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