What are the New Shows coming out this year for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.?

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    well on nickolodean they announced at the kids choice awards 2007 they said there will be a show called "back at the barnyard" with the characters from the movie "barnyard" but in tv show version and they will also be making a show called "i,carly" starring miranda cosgrove (megan) from "drake and josh" the show will be about carly (cosgrove) who is an ordinary girl ...she and her best friend have a little tv show called "i,carly" wich unknown talented wierd acts are allowed on her show

    disney channel has came up with a spin-off of thats so raven in janurary its called "cory in the house" wich orlando massey (corey) and his his father (victor) move to the white house cause the president likes victors food and promotes him his personal white house chef where corey gets into crazy situations

    it has also been rumored that there will be a new show called "phenius and pherb"...i really dont know much excet mitchel;l musso (oliver on hannah montana) and ashley tisdale (suite life) will voice in it...its an animation

    its also be rumored that there will be a show called "Arwin" i think is a spin off to the suite life where arwin, the mechanic goes live with his sister and hels her raise her kids almost like full house

    i hope i answered ur question

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    Nickelodeon, I don't really care all that much about and I didn't hear of any Disney press releases yet (usually mid-late May the have a press release) but "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive" has been on Jetix (Tood Disney) and ABC Kids since February and "Corey in the House" (a spin-off of "That's So Raven") has been on Disney Channel since January or February.

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    NIceklodeon these days! what a joke! when i was in my nickelodeon watching prime, the real shows like hey arnold! and stuff were on.

  • 1 decade ago

    those channels have turned into ick

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