Hyperthyroidism? what to do?

i know i have to gt a blood test and all but i do match lot of hte symptoms that comes with the malfunction so um WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING MORE/LESS OF? ANY OVER-THE COUNTER MEDICINE FOR IT??

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    1 decade ago
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    If you do have hyperthyroidism then you need medical treatment. There are no over the counter alternatives and diet cannot cure it...Furthermore, hyperthyroidism can lead to potentially life-threatening complications if left untreated (such as the "thyroid storm"also referred to as thyrotoxic crisis). This is NOT something to play with...Get to a physician and get formally diagnosed so that you can get proper treatment...You may even find out that you actually don't have it since the diagnosis of this condition cannot be made by symptoms alone (not even by experienced physicians); that is why diagnostic tests were developed...

    Source(s): I am a physician/researcher...
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    you can eat a proper diet =the meds you will need you have to get from a Dr though

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