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I'm in the mood for a thought provoking poem. Got any?


I haven't done homework in over 30 years. Please. I was looking for inspiration (in all the wrong places, I guess).

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    How about Arthur O'Shaunessy's "Ode." It begins with these famous lines:

    "We are the music makers,

    And we are the dreamers of dreams,

    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,

    And sitting by desolate streams;—

    World-losers and world-forsakers,

    On whom the pale moon gleams:

    Yet we are the movers and shakers

    Of the world for ever, it seems."

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    This may not be "thought provoking" for you, but is for me. In fact, one of my few questions--3 months ago!--was on this poem. I wasn't alerted that I could choose or extend, & voters chose the worst possible answer. (There were many beautiful answers.) It's in my profile, "Dreamers, what is your interpretation of this?" But it's quite short & I know it by memory, so here it it is (from THE DREAM COLLECTOR):

    "Sleep, soft smiling, draws me unto her: and those receive me, who quietly treat me, as one familiar and well beloved in that home: but will not, oh, will not, not now, not ever: but will not ever tell me who I am."

    There are so many journeys to take from this. All unique. If you're at all interested in dreams, you might like to see some of the answers. I also love FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, but I suspect you're familiar with it!

    Edit: I don't think you looked in the "wrong places" unless you mean something different than my understandng of "thought provoking." As I see it, you've so far gotten two that I think are splendid.

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    This is thought provoking, but depressing.

    Stevie Smith - Not Waving But Drowning

    Nobody heard him, the dead man,

    But still he lay moaning:

    I was much further out than you thought

    And not waving but drowning.

    Poor chap, he always loved larking

    And now he's dead

    It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,

    They said.

    Oh, no no no, it was too cold always

    (Still the dead one lay moaning)

    I was much too far out all my life

    And not waving but drowning.

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    Love's Lacking Cry

    I never thought I'd have to push and shove,

    just for a bit of my father's love.

    He never called me 'Daddy's little girl",

    Never spun me in a childish twirl.

    He never read me a tale from my favorite story book,

    Never helped me make a clubhouse in a small corner nook.

    He never danced with me in the rain,

    Never kissed away the pain.

    He never took me to the rink to skate,

    But now its too late.

    He never crossed the street, and held my hand tight,

    never chased away the monsters in the middle of the night.

    He never looked at me in awe with pride,

    never came to comfort me when I cried.

    So how come I feel his arms around me,

    after he's died?


    Life's Like That

    Cold and grey,

    your hair blown astray.

    Flustered lost,a windswept sunhat.

    It may be confusing, but life's like that.

    Nervous with jitters,

    heart's butterflies flitter.

    perhaps your shy, oh what a drat.

    Left in the shadows, life's like that.

    Crazy with worry, feeling insane,

    riding around, on an non-stopping train.

    Not sure of where you're going,or even where you're at,

    spun like a spinner, life's like that.

    Not feeling well, full of regret.

    your feelings are obvious, by your brow full of sweat,

    full of remorse, you feel small as a gnat.

    It's merely human nature, because life's like that.

    Now you're happy and elated,

    aren't you glad that you waited?

    A tire lacking air, my poem's gone flat.

    So here's the happy ending, because life's sometimes like that.

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    Homework crunch time?

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