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If you have dark brown hair and brown eyes what kind of high lights or low lights are best?

I am white and Japanese but do not have the course hair. My skin tone is more Asian.

Help !

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    Stay away from blonde.

    Maybe dark reddish-brown.

    and chesnut color.

    Make sure you use color treated shampoo cz ur highlights might turn blonde. ( I used to have brown red highlights and when i didn't use the color trested shamppo it turned blonde after 3 weeks and i looked like an asian trying to be blonde ;( lol)

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    red would definately give you a little bit more of an edgy look but no matter what you do asians never look good with blond or pink. it washes out our complexion.

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    if i wear you go to a hair sTylist or a salon you don't want to fool around with that stuff. if you don't know what you are doing you could end up like different colors or ty die.

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    How much is this going to cost ?

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    a redish coppery colour. would look good.

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