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PSP worth buying?


And what games are recommended

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    YES!!!....i dont have one but i know people who do and they love it it holds songs, pictures, plays games its awsome.

  • No, not at all. For portables DS is much better. Or if your not looking for a portable system I would recommend a Wii or an Xbox 360. PSP kind of gets boring after a while(i've had since the day it came out). Also it does not have a very good selection of games. And DS is less money and the games are cheaper.

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    DS is way better. If you want a mini laptop or whatever get an iPhone, the PSP sucks. it's just a mini PS2 with crappier graphics and less games. the DS is goo because it's different the toouch screen is cool.

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    It's completely worth buying. Why?? Check out


    How to safely downgrade your PSP's firmware,

    How to get the latest firmware for your PSP,

    How to play free game demos on my PSP,

    How to copy a full DVD movie onto your PSP,

    How to put music onto your PSP,

    How to display album arts for songs on your PSP,

    How to stream music from your iTunes library to your PSP,

    How to get Windows Vista for your PSP,

    How to establish an internet connection for your PSP,

    How to put YouTube videos onto your PSP,

    How to IM on your PSP,

    How to read Word documents on your PSP,

    How to put photos onto your PSP,

    How to set up ad hoc mode on your PSP,

    How to read books on your PSP,

    and much more!

    That's why. You can do all of that and more free on your PSP. GTA Vice City Stories is a MUST andI really like Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition.

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    yep its is basically a mini computer/ laptop in your hands and you and i don't know which games to recommend because i don't play it my bro has one

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    yes i have one.. its cool.. i hook it up to my ps3 and send music games and movies back and forth... its worth it go check it out at

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