How can I stop thinking about him and just be happy with us being friends? Please help!?

Recently I've really come to like a man I've known for about 6 weeks, but he doesn't feel the same way and has made it very clear that we don't have a shot at being together. I know in my head that I should be lucky to just have him as a friend and move on, but it's so rare that I find someone like him where I just feel instantly comfortable and happy. What can I do to get myself to stop dwelling on this and feeling like he doesn't like me because I'm just not good enough for him? I know that's not true in reality but I can't help thinking that way. What are some ways I can stop thinking about him and get on with my life? I want to continue to be friends, but how can I get past these feelings I have for him?

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  • Leona
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    1 decade ago
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    Hm, well said so you are understood. It's because of a certain chemical released in the brain that's causing you to feel this way. This hype type of feeling will pass because another type of chemical will soon kick in to make this subside. Yes, your heart race everytime you think about him uh and you can't stop the feeling. Us women go through this one time or another when we meet someone that just moves us in a certain way like no other. Some men are extremely slow to reciprocate that way. I don't want to use my favourite saying that 'some men are pigs' although why doesn't this guy want to reciprocate. You've poured out your heart to him and he in turns tells you in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want or have a relationship with you...just to be friends. Well, I've heard the 'let's just be friends' line far too often. I can certainly tell you he's not the only guy out there. I felt like this about a guy once and when I stopped to think, wait a minute, there are other guys who treat me so well and make me feel like a real woman, why don't I give them a chance. A chance I gave them indeed and have found that we connect socially and emotionally on many levels more so than I ever did with the guy who I thought was the man of my dreams. Listen lovey, don't dwell on this one too much. If you feel that you can still have a friendship type relationship with this man, go for it. Don't put your life on hold though. Go out and meet other people. Have fun with your life and meet new friends. I did and today I'm happy. Good luck!!

  • Kyle
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    1 decade ago

    You need to remind yourself that you are a wonderful girl, and you deserve to be with a man who does love you and sees your value. He does not. Why would you even want to be friends with a man who is too dumb to see your worth? Move on, leave him be, and find a man who does. You will feel so much better a year from now if you just do this.

  • 1 decade ago

    im in the similar situation..well mines in love w/ some1 there mines worst....

    but jus keep tellin urself that "it will never happen...he doesn even like me....jus forget it...n b his fren"....

    i kno its hard....sometimes it gets soo difficult..but it will pass least it wont b as hard as now....well thats wat i tell myself at least....

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