I don't understand ionic and covalent bonds, or polyatomic ions?

I don't get how you find ionic bonds between elements and how you write the formula. I don't get the concept of polyatomic ions or covalent bonds either. It's just confusing to me.

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    A covalent bond is when two atoms actually share the same electron(s). An ionic bond is when two ions (a negatively charged ion and a positively charged ion) are held together by the elctrostatic force between them.

  • Maria
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    5 years ago

    ions are molecules that have a charge an ionic bond is usually made between a metal and a nonmetal (like Na and Cl forming NaCl) and covalent bonds are made between nonmetals. you can look at a periodic table that doesn't have electronegativities. the trend for increasing electronegativities is up and towards the right. your answer o n c h is correct. no there are other cases where molecules can be nonpolar covalent such as CH4, CCl4, etc.

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