I have a Peugeot 206cc (04 model) needs brake/pads does anyone know a good cheap supplier.?

I dont need Pug parts, just a good supplier and reliable mechanic (near Moore Park) that can fir them for me. Been quoted arounnd $500-$600 for parts and lbour so far. Also looking for Peugeot 206cc car mats too if anyone knows where I can buy them :-).

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    1 decade ago
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    From your very high quote of 5-600 POUNDS? I would say you need brake rotors (discs), pads, and your calipers rebuilt/cleaned too? On all four brakes. Even at 25 pounds per hour labour, this should be 2 hours' work = 50. ouch!

    Here's a place in London (Wimbledon) with phone and fax and email numbers to ask them questions. Sorry I don't know where Moore Park is.


    Here's a place Stalham in..Norwich.. give them your email address and question, they will return the answer:


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