SAT Questions?

I'm an International Student looking to enter an American University in Fall 2008, but since I'm not an American, I'm a bit confused with a few details.

Firstly, the following university caught my attention:

Cornell, Brown, NYU, Rutgers, UConn... and a few more.

1. Also, how exactly do I take, and prepare for the exam? (I'm from the Caribbean btw.)

2. I'd like to know, what's the SAT score requirements for these?

There's a few more questions I'd like to ask, and I'm willing to communicate with any experienced SAT American.

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    Believe me when I say I am KNOWLEDGEABLE in this subject area. Since I am applying to similar schools, I know exactly the requirements.

    Out of a possible 2400:

    Cornell(Ivy League)-2070





    There's a wide discrepancy that you probably did not realize till now in the choices of your colleges. SAT counts A LOT!

  • 1 decade ago

    I got 2 perfect scores in math and reading, but my writing score was only 720, for a total of 2320. I only read this SAT guide, and that is how I got such high scores:

    I recommend this guide to anyone seeking to get a higher score to get into a first choice college.

  • You might want to look at the college's websites to find their requirements, and buying a prep book will work wonders.

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