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NEED MATH TEST HELP???...please...they're word promblems.... :(?

Ben is making wooden toys for the next arts and crafts sale. Each toy costs Ben $1.80 to make. If he sells the toys for $3.00 each, how many will he have to sell to make a profit of exactly $36.00 ?

Phillip charged $400 worth of goods on his credit card. On his first bill, he was not charged any interest, and he made a payment of $20. He then charged another $18 worth of goods. On his second bill a month later, he was charged 2% interest on his entire unpaid balance. How much interest was Phillip charged on his second bill?

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    36.00/1.20=30 units




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    for all this, you need a "T" chart. you should probably ask your teahc how to do that. the equation for number 1 is 2(5+x) + 2x = 18. ^ ^ you multiply that because it gave you the perimeter. so you need to find the length of both equal sides. while "x" is for one of the sides. for number 2, im sorry but i just dont get it. 3) the equation is 4 + x + x = 28 or 4 + 2x = 28. ^ ^ because ryan worked 4 more hours. while the other "x" is the number of hours karl worked. 4) the equation is 3 + x + x = 41 -its similar to number 3.

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    30 units

    $7.96 interest

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