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i have been thru a lot in my life, and i am so grateful to the lord for all the chances he gives me even when i continue to screw up, recently i started going to church, really stepping out in faith, i am even giving the tithe, and well, it may sound silly but when i get in church it isnt 2 seconds before i am just crying, i mean sure there are things that touch me in church but i have this overwhelming sense of just wanting(needing?) to break down, i was told this is conviction, and if so what does this mean, i know a few things i should do and not do, is this why i struggle so much in giving up bad habits? all spiritual insight greatly needed and appreciated...i know it was a lot to read, so bless you and thank you....

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    i used to think that crying was a sign of weakness, but as i moved into a closer relationship with GOD my emotions always seemed right out there on my sleeve, so to speak. at first it made me frustrated and angry at myself that i couldnt get a grip on my emotions, i couldnt control them...then i began to see a pattern, i began to understand that all my life i had built up a wall, made myself tough, hard...GOD didnt want me to be that way, HE wanted me soft andgentle, meek and humble. SENSITIVE TO HIM. i certainly couldnt be sensitive to HIM when i had a nice hard wall in place. i always wanted GOD to guide me, but HE couldnt until HE made me sensitive. GOD uses the idea of the bit in a horses mouth, and so will i. if a horse has a hard mouth, it doesnt matter how much you try to steer him, he just wont listen, he goes his own way. but if the horse has a soft, sensitive mouth, the slightest pressure sends him in the direction you wish him to go. do you understand what i am getting at here? GOD was making me break my walls of toughness down, making me emotional, more in touch with my emotions, and more sensitive to HIM. dont resist crying...go somewhere where you wont be interrupted, read your bible (KJV), pray, and have a good cry, and dont forget to ask GOD for a hug, because HE gives them, and what a hug it is too.

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    Sandie, you don't say if you belong to a faithful mainstream Christian denomination, or if it is a cult. If you are part of a cult, what appears to be a conviction can be evil spirits creating a backlash of emotional trauma for you. I believe that you are very serious about the Lord and you need to be clear about what you are doing. First of all you need to pray on your own and read the Bible, and see where God is leading you. Personally, I would go inside another Church and see how I feel there. There is a difference between the spiritual trials of encountering different environments and the spiritual inspiriation that comes from the Holy Spirit, who should bring an overall sense of peace and wellbeing. There would not be confusion, but a sense of conviction. Then there will be a holy sense of a call to repentence and the need to confess to the Lord and seek healing through Him. Usually the Lord has you talk to different people to help get you on the real track. Keep trying and I'll pray for you. Keep that conviction that you want and need Him in your life and you will find Him whom you seek.

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    Sometimes the reality of Faith overwhelms us, and we express our feeling. Crying is an emotion--sometimes we can't express gratitude or praise. Generally this is a relief for most people. Don't let other deny your faith. "Live your life as unto the Lord and he will guide your path" It sounds like you are on the right road "Forgetting the past and moving on I press forward toward the mark of the higher calling. Which is in Christ Jesus."

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    God is touching you in a deep way. Let yourself cry. I'm not recommending you wail in public, but allow yourself to shed tears.

    You might meet with God in private in your room, pour out your heart to him, and let yourself weep and wail there. Let it all hang out.

    There might also be a pastor or counselor at that church with whom you can meet in a room or office, share your troubles, and let it all hang out.

    Read David's psalms. He gets really emotional.

    I also recommend a couple of books about incorporating emotions into your faith: The Emotionally Healthy Church, and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, both by Peter Scazzero, who happens to be my senior pastor.

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    There is good news! You have a soul, and it is sensative to God! That's why you feel the need to "break down".

    But, it is up to you to respond to Him. Jesus is the "good Shepherd" He will lead you, if you respond to him. Don't wait! Do it now! Why wait until you go back to church?

    Jesus will not cast you away, if you call to him and respond to him. Check this site out, it has helped a lot of people who have the same questions:

    Jesus is the answer.

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    it can be conviction, but if it is you will have the bible to back it up and already know what the Lord has been laying on your heart.

    or it could be his Spirit, sometimes I want to jump for joy when I'm in his presence, sometimes I cry.

    I lean toward Gods spirit is upon you.

    but tithing? I don't think that has anything to do with it.

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    I have been where you are...I went through alot in my life and when I started going to church I just kept crying every time I would go. I felt very connected to God and like all my burdens were lifted off of me and a great feeling of serenity. It is a wonderful feeling! God is with us all the time...even when we forget about Him. That is overwhelming. Unconditional love. Enjoy your relationship with God!

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    It could be conviction or it could be emotion. If it is conviction from the Holy Spirit He will make it clear. He will bring the problem to the surface so you can deal with it. Just continue to trust in Him.

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    The Holy Spirit is convicting you of the way your life is being lived right now. Read the Bible and you will know your Savior closer, if you have a relationship with Christ.

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    whats up. the main situation is that maximum human beings are no longer easy approximately our lives outdoors of our church fellowship partitions. you're no longer on my own. i'm in love with addictive habit. i like to have a minimum of one on line workstation recreation and that i purely began lower back smoking after a year and a nil.5 without cigarettes. this is our flesh. Paul for sure outlines this in Romans 6,7,8. My inquiries to you're ordinary. Do you adore Jesus? Do you agree for Christ finished paintings on the bypass? if so then we lay our flesh on the foot of the bypass and force on in direction of Heaven. keep those themes in prayer and stay easy. walk after the spirit and that i will confirm you as quickly as we get homestead to Heaven sis. would the Lord richly bless you.

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