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What is the largest baseball stadium?

What is the largest stadium for baseball

yankee stadium??

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    Florida has the largest.

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    no. i don't think so.

    at present - i think Washington's RFK Stadium boasts the largest capacity...probably well over 60,000 (60,000 available seats...we're talking the Nationals here, where about 2,000 people show up for a game).

    I think Yankee Stadium is somewhere in the 50+,000 seat range. Camden Yards seats about 49,000, Texas seats about 50,000 as I believe also Coors Field in Denver seats close to 50,000.

    RFK Stadium I'm guessing is the largest. Shea Stadium in Queens also has a pretty sizable capacity. Both stadiums still come from the cookie-cutter era of stadiums that held both football and baseball - so we're talking capacities well over 50,000 close to even 60,000. Another stadium to consider is Dolphin Stadium in Miami. However, most of the upper level seats in the outfield are covered with tarp and there are some retractable seats in left-center field. The Metrodome in Minneapolis also seats close to 50,000 for ball (expandable to probably about 56,000 when they raise the curtain up in Right Center Field.

    With some cookie-cutter stadiums still with us - my guess is that Yankee Stadium does not have the biggest capacity in MLB.

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    Historically, the largest park in MLB was the LA Coliseum, where the Dodgers played in 1958-61. Peak official seating capacity was 94,600.

    The Colorado Rockies played in Mile High Stadium (the original) in 1993-94. Seating capacity there was over 76,000.

    None of the modern wave of ballparks (1989-present) have capacity anywhere near those two. 50k is the current approximate maximum.

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    Yankee Stadium 57,545 (1980).

    Dodger Stadium 56,000

    Shea Stadium 55,601

    HHH metrodome 55,883 (baseball); 63,000 (football

    Coors Field 50,381 (1999)

    Chase Field 48,569 (baseball only)

    Petco Park 46,000

    Dolphin Stadium 47,662 (baseball, 1993), 42,531 (2001); 75,000 (football)

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  • Anonymous
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    Yep correct in terms of availible seats. you are correct.

    but after in terms of Sqaure feet/square meters, SkyDome/(Rogers Center) is the tallest and most massive stadium used by any Major League Baseball team.

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    All I know is that Fenway is the smallest...

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