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Do you agree with Stephen Hawking that we need to find other worlds because this one is in dire straits?

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    Absolutely. By the year 2050, it is estimated that we will need the equivalent of 3 planet Earth's to sustain the human race at its current rate of consumption and growth. One can only imagine what the situation will be like in 500 or 1000 years time. If the human race is to survive, it will need to find other world's to populate or undergo a drastic and catastrophic reduction in numbers over a short period of time (ie, war, starvation, natural disasters). Quite simply, there are far too many of us for too few resources and this problem only worsens as the years pass. Something will have to give. And for those of you who think its impossible to populate the universe, well the same was said of flying and going to the moon just 100 years ago!

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    Because he is so crippled and knows a lot about theoretical cosmoslogy, everyone treats him as God. He may not know any more about the consequences of human activity of the world than anyone else who keeps up with events.

    These guys don’t know everything – trust me. He is brilliant at what he does. That is all.

    Also, I guess the world doesn’t look like a good place from his perspective, sad as that is. From my perspective it is the most fantastic part of the universe. People should learn to respect what we have. Also, the western world is a lot cleaner and less polluted than when I was a kid. Wars are no worse – nothing to compare with WW1 and WW2.

    So, relax. We do not need to go anywhere else.

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    It's meant well, but even though he's a top drawer theoretical physicist, he's not thinking this one through. This is the planet we were given and it's up to us to make it livable ..or die on it. Colonizing other worlds before we learned how to live successfully on this one would merely be exporting the problem.

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    No. If we had the ability to get to and live on another planet, then we would have the ability to survive the worst imaginable catastrophe here on Earth. And I include nuclear war, asteroid impact, global warming, and over population in those worst case possibilities.

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    Yes, I do agree with him although I think we have a while before things go "belly-up." We need to make some serious lifestyle changes though before we move onto another world. If we don't we'll just ruin it like we are ruining Earth.

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    YES,......... that and many, many other reasons!!!!

    maybe people will WAKE UP if they finally have proof that OTHER life exists and ,just maybe we can all co-exist without some of this B.S. that's going on. People need to CHANGE themselves not where they live . Its a big planet, enough place for everyone.

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    yea other worlds to destroy like this one. need to overthrow and get the morons who keep running things they are because they are getting paid off when technology has existed for over 50 years to run cars on water and then we wouldn't be having this problem right now.

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    yes i agree that we as a world must change our ways now.

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    Probably a good idea

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