Did the expression "eat sh** and die" come out of the Vietnam or Korean war thing?

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    I'd say early 1970's. No way Korean era or "early" Vietnam but very well is probable for after 1970 and we were still in Vietnam.

    Full Metal Jacket -the 1987 Vietnam film- has the phrase.

    Those were marines so who knows, I was Army and I do not recall such.

    But as to usage: it is 1980's and since.

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    Neither one. I believe it was either, (a) one of the challenges on the T.V. "reality show" called, "Fear Factor."

    Or, (b) perhaps it was originally a dinner recommendation given to the IRS by an irate taxpayer.

    But whatever the source, it has obviously become the universally-accepted standard of greeting for every lawyer and all government officials - at every level.



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    Walter B and that i disagree on the Korean elections after WW II. the US and South Korea have been fascinated by them, they might have won. It became the Soviets who refused to allow them. rather they appointed a clean Communist government, then claimed it became the valid government of all of South Korea. interior the recommend time elections have been held in South Korea and Syngman Rhee became elected president. the US withdrew from South Korea leaving a small armed tension armed with rifles, gadget-weapons, and mortars to confirm they does no longer attempt to invade the North. whilst the Soviet Union withdrew from North Korea it left a brilliant military equipped with T-34/85 tanks and heavy artillery and inspired their customer state to invade South Korea. many times the comparable critics who declare the Vietnam conflict became incorrect additionally will declare the US became incorrect to help South Korea too. in certainty, they oftentimes attempt and declare the whole chilly conflict became usa's fault, and if we had basically withdrawn all of our troops from Europe, long gone homestead, and caught our collective heads returned up our behinds, like they have been in the past we've been sucked into first WW I than WW II, the international may well be a extra perfect and happier place than it incredibly is as we communicate. They element out that WW III does no longer have occurred, because of the fact it did no longer ensue. it incredibly is like they have no thought of the belief of reason and effect. there became no international conflict III because of the fact, in assessment to in the past WW I and WW II, the USA became paying interest with a proactive distant places coverage (of containment) and slammed a lid on Soviet aggression in the past it ought to get out of hand for 40 5 years (including in Korea and Southeast Asia). as we communicate's stylish left-wing liberals do no longer opt to believe this, however the international survived the 2d a million/2 of the 20 th-century because of the fact the US stood up and did the stunning factor in places like Korea and Vietnam in the process the chilly conflict. the quick answer on your question is that the two wars have been incredibly worth struggling with, and doubtless saved the international out of a nuclear replace someplace alongside the line.

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    Wherever it came from, it surely came from low class people.

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