I have a 1991 Chevrolet S-10 pickup which suddenly stopped running.?

It had sat in my driveway for over a year without being run. After using it for short errands recently over the last week, it died on me. I can start it and it will run as long as my foot is on the gas pedal, but the minute I take my foot off, it dies. Can you tell me what might be wrong? Also, I have replaced the fuel filter and tried to empty the bad gas out of the tank. I can prime it, and it will run for a short period. PLEASE HELP!

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    i couldnt find any thng specific in my haynes but my brain tells me u got a bad sensor. i would guess air idle control valve is high on the list. second would be mass air flow and third would be throttle position sensor. i would go to junk yard and get aicv and toss that in. it will cost next to nothing. if that doesnt do it, bite the bullet and take it in for 85 bucks and have them diagnose it for you. good luck, keep your greasy side down.

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    i own a repair shop and its probably got a fuel pump that's gone bad on it,after it setting for that long of a time id say its either the pump or the pump relay,those will also go bad from setting,id try the relay first on it that's the cheapest one to replace,and also the easiest one,if its the pump you,ll have to go in to the tank to get it ,good luck hope this helps.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    I guess I'd actually measure the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge to make sure it was what it should be. If there's a schrader valve (tire valve) on the fuel injection fuel rail, it would be easy to hook up a $40 shop gauge.

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    Sounds like a vacuum leak.

    Did a vacuum hose get knocked of the intake manifold?

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