Went to purschase a car today, decided at the last minute I wasn't sure about it. Was it wrong of me to walk?

The salesman didn't approach me at all, until I approched him. He then didn't even let me test drive the 2002 Jeep until after I filled out the paper work, wuz up with dat? So I got approved for financing, and just didn't return to the finance manager because of all the crap. Was it wrong to walk?

I guess I am trying to get their attention, or just be an *** and look somewhere else - Oh well - the world keeps spinning - yeah!

Are all salesman, and companies just sneaky? No offense to the honest ones (if there are any) but c'mon. I am looking for a car and you want my business - don't treat me like that.

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    I am concerned...

    "He then didn't even let me test drive the 2002 Jeep until after I filled out the paper work"

    So, what exactly did you fill out? Are you entirely sure that you haven't already bought the car? No one has you fill anything out before a test drive.

    Always walk away and be in control. Here's a great series on what goes on inside a dealership (see link)

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    It wasn't wrong at all to walk. Actually you should've walked when they wouldn't let you test the vechile. But, I would call and ask to speak to the general mananger and say that you are not looking for a car any longer and you would like your credit app. destroyed. Thank them for their time and go on with your car shopping elsewhere. Be the bigger person in this situation. If they give you any crap on the phone, don't give in and argue because they obviously don't care about you or your business anymore. Just get them where it hurts, tell everyone you know about the crappy service and the word will spread quick. Car dealers are a very usefull tool when you are looking. In my own buying experience I would say all the salesman are great, it's the jerky general manager that is the problem. Remember that you are the BOSS!!! And if YOU don't sign, they don't get paid. If you can be easily steered in any direction or get intimdatted in the buying experience bring a friend or family member. They salseman are less likely to be jerky or take advantage when someone else is there. Think about it, if I were with you that day I might have said,"no test drive,well no thanks. Let's go somewhere else!" And every time someone taps your credit, it brings you score down. So unless you find THE car, don't sign, make a deposit, or even talk the financing guys. P.S. if you want to find a good salesman, talk to people that have bought lately, get the salesman name. Call the dealer and ask to speak with Mr.Smith. Say so and so said they had really great service with you and I would like to come down and test drive some cars. This automatically sets the salesmans tone to nice and pleasing, by reputation. They will be less apt to take advantage since a rep is now riding also. Good luck, be safe, and remember that this is one of the biggest and longest commentments that you are going to make.

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    I did that, they have your number, chances are he's going to be hustling the first of the week to meet some sales quotas. Be careful, they will call and you might be able to get a better price by negotiating with him. You need to have in mind a price you want to pay and hold to your decision. I got a great deal on a SUV like this. Gas prices are soaring and there is not a big demand for larger vehicles. Good luck, and don't give up! You might still get your Jeep.

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    Respect good service and walk until you get it. The paperwork ploy was basicly to find out who you are and what are you worth. Don't let them talk you into going over your head in car. 6 years is a long time to pay for a car it may not last that long. Better to drive an older car than be a begger in one you can't afford. I have been buying cars that I can pay cash for, less than 1500 and fixing them up and driving them.

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    You were treated shabbily. Good for you for walking. I would definitely call the corporate office and report the dealership and the salesman. Believe me, they will hear from the corporate office.

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