Can a hernia appear from an automobile accident?

We were in a automobile accident in Feb. 2007. A few weeks later I had some symptoms of stomach problems. Was taken to the ER and was transfered to another hospital and they took a cat scan and found out I had 3 hernias and the one had my intestine wrapped around it. I never had stomach problems before like this. Is there someway the accidnet caused the hernias to show up?

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    most likely that is it=I got hit by a car and ended up with 6 herniated discs=I sure hope that they can fix thing for you=I can't be fixed

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    The underlying causes of a hernias are increased pressure within the abdomen and generalized weakness of the abdominal wall. Men get them more than women. Typically, things that increase abdominal pressure such as chronic constipation, coughing, straining will push the intestine through the weak abdominal wall. Since weak abdominal walls affect both sides of the abdomin equally, a person with one hernia often has more. Traumatic injury could bring about hernias or increase a non-symptomatic hernia, bringing it to your attention. The hernias may have been present a long time, but aggravated by the impact. It is also possible that the impact of the accident brought about the herniations. Seek the opionion of your surgeon. Wishing you the best.

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