When in Napa Valley, CA which are the "not to miss" wineries?

We are travelling to San Fran and plan on spending a day in the Napa/Sonoma area. The wineries are all starting to sound the same. Help me choose which ones to see! I prefer white wines, and from the moderate research I have done, it seems that a lot of the wineries in this area specialize in reds. Also, is it worth it to see the Geyser in Calistoga? Any recommendations for good moderately priced restaurants in the area? Any other tips on things to do in the Napa area are welcome!

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    There are so many wineries in Napa and people are looking for different things. The only winery that does not charge is V. Sattui. This is popular because it is free, you can only get their wines at the winery, and they sell picnic supplies.

    Sterling is unique because you ride a tram up the hill to the tasting room. At the tasting room you sit down at a table and are served.

    Andretti Winery (owned by the race car driver) is a fun laid back Tuscan style winery. They have some wines that are less expensive than many in Napa.

    Rombauer (off the Silverado Trail) has the best Chardonnay and the winery is in a pretty wooded area. They just recently started charging for tasting.

    Domaine Carneros has one of the best views. It sits high on a hill. You sit down at a table and are served. They also offer small cheese plates.

    Wine tasting in Napa can be quite expensive. Most wineries in Calistoga tend to be less costly than other areas of Napa. You should do a search for free wine tasting coupons.

    Bistro Don Giovanni is a great restaurant....and a local's favorite. It's not as expensive as most in Napa.

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    Napa Valley is predominately a red wine area due to climate and conditions. For whites you will need to venture south and a little bit east into the Carneros area. Which is the section that connect napa valley to sonoma valley.

    Sparkling Wine Places

    Schramsberg does my favorite tour. very pricey, but includes a cave tour, five sparkling wine tasting, and exquisite service. Must make an appoitment for this winery.

    Mumm is also nice and they have a photography gallery that you can look around in as well as tours twice a day.

    Regular Wine

    Cake Bread does some very nice white wine. Chardonnay mostly

    Luna Vineyards does some excellent italian white varieties like Pinot Grigio and a white blend.

    Grgich Hills Cellar makes a fantastic chardonnay

    Silverado Vineyards does a nice Chardonnay and Sauv Blanc.

    I will recommend the following tours to you, however, I do not personally care for their wines, Beringer, Robert Mondavi Winery.

    As far as dinner spots go, my must see dinner spot is Cindy's Back Street Kitchen in St. Helena. Uva's in Downtown Napa is nice. Cole's Chophouse, Angele both in napa. Wappo's Wine Bar in Calistoga has a great outdoor patio.

    I have never been to the geyser in Calistoga so I can't comment.

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    Well, if you are going to be there next weekend, May 5, and 6, the "Hopland Passport" weekend is going on.

    For $30 per person you get a glass, and drive from one winery to another on a list, tasting each winery's samples. They also serve food at most of them for free, have live music at some places, etc.

    If you designate a driver, they don't pay anything, are not given a glass, and are not allowed to taste the wines, but can eat anything else. There are also vinegar and olive oil tastings, and one place lets volunteers stomp grapes.

    They even have a free shuttle running between wineries. They do it again in October.

    It's loads of fun.

    This is in Mendocino county, very close to Napa valley. Check it out.

    Source(s): www.hoplandpassport.com
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    Beringer Vineyards


    2000 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574

    - The oldest!

    Wineries of Napa Valley



    1285 Napa Town Center Napa, CA 94559

    - The most popular - voted best for many years

    Inexpensive place to eat, try:

    Caffe Cicero,

    1245 First St., Napa, CA


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    Cake Bread is my favorite in moderate priced wines. Opus One if you are looking for upper end wine.

    While the region is mainly red you will find some white just about everywhere. Cake Bread has a very nice little tour which is very educational to non-collectors. I take my tourist friends there often.

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    Beringer Vineyards

    tel. +1 707.963.4812

    2000 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574

    buy wine

    And yes, the geyser is definitely worth looking at (unless you have been to Yellowstone Park).

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    When I traveled there, the winery that impressed me the most was VIANSA...their wines are very fruity and taste great.

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    below sonoma

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