Alice Walker Parody of her poem "Women"?

Bronwen you started to describe how you would write a parody to Alice Walker's poem "Women," i don't quite understand what you mean, so can you please finish the poem so that i can unserstand this better?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A parody is a work that imitates another, but turns it upside down to make fun of it, or to give it ironic meaning, or to poke gently at it in a humorous way.


    Were they women then

    That horrid generation

    Chirpy of voice--Dainty of Step

    With pedicures as well as


    How they batted eyelashes

    And selected

    Sequined white


    How they led


    Of starry-eyed admirers

    Across dance floors


    To write a parody, you first have to understand the original work. The poem "Women" is about the strong women of Alice Walker's mother's generation who worked hard and provided for their children, including providing for their education. Those women knew the value of education, even if they didn't have it themselves.

    What my parody does is change the subject from those strong women to women like Paris Hilton, who are not strong, who don't care about education, who care only for themselves and partying, etc...

    I simply twist each line to match what I am trying to say about the Paris Hilton types, but using the structure of the original. Look carefully at what I am doing. You don't need to do the same thing yourself, you just need to find a way to turn the original poem on its head.

    I am sorry, but I will not do the whole thing for you, as you won't learn anything by copying my parody and turning it in as your own.

    Just study my parody and the original poem, and you will see how I have changed the meaning while leaving the structure intact. You can either use my idea, or one of your own. If you want to write your parody and send me a copy via this site, I will gladly help you with it. But you have to write it yourself.


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