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What is the difference between "nunca" and "jamas" in Spanish?


***I realize they both are defined as "never" but my Spanish teacher gave us this question to answer for homework and expects a thorough answer, that actually explains why there is a difference.

Are there different situations or sentence formations in which you might use each?

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    Jamás is generally used in the following situations:

    1 (nunca) never: jamás lo había visto, I had never seen it before; jamás te haría daño, I'd never hurt you, i.e the same as 'nunca' in these cases, but probably a little stronger and more literary than 'nunca'.

    2 (alguna vez) ever: la peor historia jamás contada, the worst story ever told.

    3 (intensifier) nunca jamás, never again; jamás en la vida, never in my life. Also in the saying por siempre jamás, for ever (and ever).

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    Nunca In Spanish

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    The letter V is pronounced by putting your top teeth on your bottom lip. B is pronounced by pursing your lips, similar to the letter P. Yeah, its not really that great. There are a lot of words where it could cause problems I think. Its not a huge problem though, just that its pretty noticeable when people do that. If you can't get it, don't worry about it but personally I'd try a little more. Also, R is still an R even if you pronounce it hard instead of rolled. V and B are two totally different letters?

  • there are a very little difference, for example U can say:

    nunca = never

    Jamas = never never ( and i won't change my thinking form)

    Jamas is a stronger word than nunca, but some times people use it together "nunca Jamas" when they are speaking so seriously

    Jose (spanish speaker)

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  • usbc s
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    Nunca = Never or Ever (in negative sentences) In Spanish you use "Nunca" in negative sentences.

    Jamás = Is more like saying; "never ever". It´s a sure sure NEVER.

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    That "nunca" sounds less worried, "jamas" is more serious, is a word that it means that is a pact.

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    There really is no difference. They both mean the same thing.

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    They are both the same, although jamas has a stronger meaning....................

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    I agree with usbc s

    Source(s): Mother tongue..
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    nothing they mean the same thing

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