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Dying your hair is bad, while Pregnant. Is this true?!?

I heard it's bad if you dye your hair while pregnant, just curious to know if that is true.

Is it?

Thanks for reading :)

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    From the American Pregnancy Association website:

    Are hair treatment chemicals dangerous during pregnancy?

    Manufacturers frequently change formulas and many different chemicals are used in these processes. These chemicals are not generally evaluated for effects on pregnancy so limited data on use during pregnancy is available.

    It is likely that only a small amount of any hair treatment chemicals are actually absorbed into a woman’s system through her skin. This minimal amount is not thought to be enough to create a problem for the baby. The fixation solution used during permanents may irritate the scalp but not affect other areas of the body and a minimal amount would be absorbed. The same would be true of chemicals used in the straightening process.

    Are hair dyes safe during pregnancy?

    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), hair dyes are probably safe to use during pregnancy because so little dye is absorbed through the skin. However, it is still important to be cautious, therefore many health care providers recommend that pregnant women not use permanent hair dyes during the first three months.

    While the absorption through the skin is minimal, there that concern is that breathing fumes during the process could be harmful to the developing baby. Permanent hair dyes contain ammonia which has a strong chemical fume. The recommendation is to avoid hair dyes that contain ammonia. The chemical fume warning also applies to straightening products as well.

    Semi-permanent dyes or a highlighting process may be considered safer for pregnant women. With highlights, the dye is enclosed in foil and won’t be absorbed into the skin. Vegetable dyes such as henna are also considered likely to be safe for coloring hair during pregnancy.

    What precautions should I take when chemically treating my hair?

    The following safety tips should be followed when chemically treating your hair:

    Consider waiting until the second trimester for hair dye, bleaching, permanents or straightening.

    Have the treatment completed in a well-ventilated area.

    Don’t leave the chemicals on your head any longer than necessary.

    Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after treatment.

    Wear gloves when applying chemicals.

    Carefully follow directions on the product package.

    Do a patch test for allergic reactions before completing the process

    Never dye or bleach eyebrows or eyelashes. This could cause swelling or increase risk of infection in the eye area

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    Im a licensed hairstylist.^^^^^^^Good comments above, true the hormones to alter but hair that is already grown out doesnt change in it pigment or anything else because we only have so many follicles and do not gain more during pregnancy and our color cannot change any differently either.

    I often wondered the same thing, but i remember when my

    hairstyling Teacher was pregnant...she still colored her hair.

    hmmmm....and even though they say this, i personally think it

    could be safe through a cap and only highlighting the color / or coloring the strands-as opposed to actually touching the scalp with the color(only because of the chemistry process)

    Every color company is different also so ask an expert more questions first- and ALWAYS!!!!! do a small test strand just behind the ear to see the results...packaging should have a number printed on it for more questions but try going to a professional first if you want more advice... :)

    thats trivial. Good question...

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    When I was in Beauty school they said that's true....However I worked at a salon that did them, the clients were happy. Also the salon would always tell the mothers that they would not guarantee the results, due to chemical changes within your body that may cause adverse reaction with the chemical once applied to the hair. I never saw anything adverse happen.

    But remember that whatever touches your skin, it can absorb it. I'm not a scientist but, I would suggest only the highlights while your expecting, to avoid anything happening to little one. Producing baby is the highest priority, you don't get a second chance.

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    You can do it, but.... Don't be shocked if it turns out a different color then you had planned. Your hormone levels are up and it could make your hair an odd color.

    With my third, I streaked my hair - I have black hair and often put chunky highlights in it and it usually turns about 3 different colors which looks real good - it turns blond, brown and a reddish color. - Anyway, when I was pregnant, I did it the same way and with the same color, and I ended up with platinum blond streaks.

    So, just to warn you - it may not turn out how you think.

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    Actually, colouring or perming your hair when pregnant may pose a danger to the foetus becos you are inhaleing the chemicals during a perm/colour.

    It is best to avoid any possible danger if the baby is important to you.

    If in doubt, it is best to tell the hairdresser/ stylist that you are pregnant and he should know what to avoid and advise you.

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    I've read that there is no proof that dying your hair while pregnant can harm the baby. It also said that just to be safe you should wait until the 2nd trimester.

    Source(s): WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING. This book is a must for pregnant women, it has answers to every question you can imagine.
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    NO! my aunt cuts hair and dyes it and everything the whole time she was pregnant...Then my mom got her hair did and the baby is perfectly fine!! So go out ther and get Beautiful!

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    partially true

    im 3 months pregnant and both my doctor and hair stylist said that as long as they use foils to dye it and dont go to the root its fine. you just cant be doing it yourself at home and putting it on all of your hair. the main thing is not going to the root

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    I used one of those no ammonia, low peroxide semi-permanent hair colors, and my son was was born beyond perfect.

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