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請幫我翻譯下面一段英文 急!! 20點!!


This week's Indian budget was a political tightrope act. For electoral reasons, the government is under pressure both to maintain high levels of growth and to check accelerating inflation caused by an overheated economy, while wanting also to dispense populist give-aways. Predictably, trying to balance so many divergent priorities has produced a lop-sided compromise that may prove hard to sustain.

The budget's main nod to inflation is cuts in industrial tariffs and fuel taxes. While the first measure is sensible, both are essentially quick fixes that do little to address inflation's prime causes: growing domestic capacity constraints and exuberant demand. Nor will they check rising food prices, politically the most sensitive item in the consumer price index, or the blockages in the primitive agricultural supply chain that contribute to them.


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    Source(s): 這一篇有意思,很有挑戰性,我喜歡
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    候選編號001= = 是翻譯機吧... 翻的好奇怪(雖然我看不懂 = = 但他翻的好奇怪)

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    這星期的印度預算是一個政治的拉緊繩索行為。 因為選舉人的理由,也,當想要的時候,政府在壓力之下維持高度生長而且檢查由被經濟過熱的所引起的加速的通貨膨脹分發平民主義的彈性-離開。 可預測地,嘗試平衡如此許多分歧的優先已經生產一個砍伐袒護的妥協哪一可能努力地證明維持。

    對通貨膨脹的預算主要部份點頭是工業的關稅和燃料稅的削減。 的第一個。  

    希望對你有幫助~ :)

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