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I have learnt a lot from my school. Not only from the books, but also from the teachers, classmates. I have learnt something in my school life.

Since on country, has wanted flowered more thoughts and the time in the schoolwork aspect, the time most is precious is very easy to prove, in me the major difficulty which studies in the process I to forget to study encounters, I thought the present studies is quite important.

School is not just a place to study, I also make many friends in school. We can do homework together or talk about happiness and sadness. I think friendship is also another important thing we should learn about.



((差34個左右,,最後壹句幫我加上 *這就是我的學校生活* ))

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    School is an important part of my life. My school offers different kinds of classes, helping to develop the students’ personal interests and specialties. All my teachers are respectable and experienced, they are strict in teaching and they are never negligent. They always concerned about our study and life. All my classmates and friends work hard at their lessons and they are friendly and helpful. They not only share my happiness but also my sadness. There have been times that I felt bored, disheartened or was still facing piles of homework but my friends are always there for me. My school life is the best part of my life, it is rich and colorful. The school has made me self-confident and happy. I will face different kinds of challenges in the future, so I must work harder than before. In this way, I will make my dreams come true.

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    *This is my school life*: *這就是我的學校生活*


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