AP World History exam?

I'm a freshman in highschool, and the AP World exam is coming up in May, and I'm really nervous about the essays (all 3). I'm not really sure what to study, or if it should be specific or kind of general. And if there are any tips on analyzing, that's where I'm struggling. Thanks.

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    The multiple choice for AP world history wasn't that bad. Remember general traits/characteristics for all the major civilizations. Know what makes one stand out from the other. Don't worry too much about the exact details. For the free response, pick a topic that you think you can write lots for. Use dates and numbers and cultural aspects to earn extra points. I scored a 4.

    Good luck!

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    There is a book Called cracking the AP exam,or passing the ap exam,i'm not sure but it has Yellow Letters and is blue.You can find it at barnes and Nobles.I ttok the ap world history test and passed it with a 3.I'm currently studying for the AP calculus exam.

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    go to sparknotes.com

    they have a bunch of ways to study

    my friend got a five on that test last year and she studied for hours for that test. Whatever you do, don't study that day before your test. It will cause you to lose some of your information.

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