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Wire Fox Terriers help please!?

I'm thinking about getting a Wire Fox Terrier but I need to know about them first. Can someone give me info on them please? Here are some of the questions that concern me most:

Are they good with Children?

Are they easy to train?

Are they easy to housebreak?

Do they bite?

Are they mean?

Someone please help me with all the info I can get please.


Update: they shed? also if the puppy got used to the kids (they are 4 and 6) would it still snap at them?

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    Yes, they can be good with older children and younger children should always be supervised with any dog.


    They can be stubborn and require a sense of humor in training but are very smart.


    Is up to owner are you consistent and timely advise crate training as would any good breeder/owner


    All dogs have teeth all dogs bite, you need to teach them at an early age to have a soft mouth.

    Toys are okay fingers are not. They do like to chase feet, must teach feet are not a toy. Puppy teeth are sharp.


    no not mean, loving, loyal, willful, and a good protector.


    If you have them hand stripped no, most pet owners have them clippered. They will shed a small amount like humans lose hair on their head. This will be seasonal but if you brush often then it will be minimal.


    tons of it they have a great sense of humor.

    Please do read 4 and 6 year old children need to be trained around dog as well as the dog needs training, supervised yes. Some kids and dogs have better

    manners than others.

    The breed or race does not matter, just consider this...

    Would you want the children to harm the puppy? Or vice versa?


    The dog and children need to have a mutual respect for it to work and that is your job to integrate good manners in your home for both children and puppy.

    No jumping, no teasing, no biting.

    The dog must learn to trust you to take care of him and this means with kids. You will have a great dog that loves and respects your family.

    go to this website or this for very helpful information.

    It pretty much will answer all your questions, I would also recommend calling the national club and ask them who could best answer your questions about the breed and who would be a reputable breeder and if it would be the right dog for you.

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  • Misa M
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    Terriers as a group are known to be feisty, independent, and somewhat difficult to train. They are active and need jobs : agility, flyball, competition obedience, and so on. Learning the basics of training and taking classes is essential when you're considering getting a new dog, especially when children will be around the dog.

    You may want to contact a fostering/rescue group in your area and try to foster a dog or 2 before making a final decision. Rescue groups will let you foster a dog that will be good with children - (it may not be a Terrier....) Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are very smart, VERY stubborn, a little high strung and can be a little snappish with young kids.

    They have enough energy to light a small city. I'm not kidding. They require LOTS of exersize.

    And obedience training. LOTS of obedience training. Their stubborness is a challenge. You're gonna need lots of help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    NO NO NO NO NO. If you what a dog that is good with children and easy the please, buy a black lab.

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