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What should I do to open a dairy for about 300 cows?

What are the steps and I need some websites for more information.


I have worked on a dairy for 2 years now and live on Idaho. I need some websites on how to start a dairy. Also what should I put in the business plan. I don't have money to buy land so I will need a good enough business plan to get a loan.

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    Um, my family are farmers, although not dairy cattle specifically... If you're totally new to cows, I think your best bet would be to apprentice at a dairy for a year or two to learn the ropes. Many state universities also offer two- and four-year degrees in "dairy science" or dairy herd management.

    With the skyrocketing costs of feed and fuel, I think one of the best options for new farmers is the growing market for organic foods, specifically pasture-based dairies. Dairy cows produce much higher-quality milk when they graze instead of being confined in a barn and fed grain rations. Healthful milk commands a higher price too.

    Here's some websites to get you started:

    http://www.westonaprice.org/ (healthy food in general, but be sure to check out the "Campaign for Real Milk" and "Pasture-Fed Livestock")

    http://www.eatwild.com/ (lots of info on grassfed livestock...also includes a huge list of farmers who raise grassfed)

    General info on starting a dairy:


    Two of the best magazines on pasture-based organic farming are Stockman Grass Farmer and Acres USA...links below:

    http://www.acresusa.com/ - current issue of the magazine has an article on transitioning from a conventional dairy to an organic one.


    Best of luck to you - the world needs more farmers! :-)

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    You should invest in some land. Depending on where you live and the type of grasses grown you'll need quite a bit. You need to have grazing land as well as land for hay, if you use the same land for both you will not make it through a winter. Then you need to build a milking barn large enough to hold a storage tank and the necessary milking equipment. You also need a feed storage bin to hold grain that the cows will receive during milking.

    You should be able to talk to your county extension office and they can help you with finding the right places. Also whoever you want to milk for might have certain requirements in the contract so find a business and ask about their contracts for example Kraft Foods.

    It's also a good idea to have beef cattle or something like that for a fall back when it comes to money. Dairy cattle don't bring in a lot of revenue.

    Source(s): My friends milk for Kraft and own a dairy.
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    Well first I would google it. But I would start out with just a few. They are a huge responsibility. I hate dairy farms that have a ton of cows, and so many, what they do with them is chain them t a gait inside where they stay their whole. They don't go into pastures. Then they are hooked up to automatic milkers and they are milked so often, they get very tired and sick. Then they are dragged out with chains on their feet and sent to the slauter house. I would start with a few, and give them plenty of time in a pasture to produce good organic milk

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    First of all win the lottery, before you can afford the cows, the land the equipment and the quota.

    Having won the lottery, give up all ideas of milking cows, go lay on a beach somewhere instead.

    Source(s): Farmer for a few years, who managed to escape from milking
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