I need to find a contact near Philadelphia for a real estate problem in Lemnos Greece, TOULA I lost your info.

My mother who is in her late 80's has had property left to her from her mother some 60 years ago. I need to make contact with someone familiar with the island of Lemnos Greece and familiar with Greek laws and real estate rules. There has been contact with the island within the past 10 years or so but nothing recently. I need help to locate exactly where the property is on the island before I make a trip there to decide what to do with it. I would like to clear this matter up while my mother is still alive. I had contact from someone named Toula from Lemnos but losy her info. Toula if your out there please contact me again. A lawyer or real estate person with Greek contacts in or near Philadelphia would be very helpful, or someone from the island who has contacts there. I can pay a little if help developes into resolving this matter. Thanks!

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    you might try this site for a lawyer in Greece.



    Source(s): www.worldwide-tax.com/greece/grelawyers.asp gogreece.about.com/od/legalissues/Lawyers_and_Legal_Issues_in_Greece.htm
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    Itsa two latah. Ah buys des proporties 8 years ago for de taxes values, $7.92 US dollars. Is nota two bada villa but somatime de sea crash two loudah on da beach. The sunset on the otha veranda isa kinds nice but itah longa way thru the house and hardien......

    P.S. Brother mine isa dah mayor..........

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