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Pronunciation with Audio Files?

I'm looking for any website or free programs that have audio pronunciations of words not normally found in the dictionary. I know about m-w.com, answers.com, dictionary.com, and all those, so I don't need that.

I mean audio dictionaries for last names, first names, place names, medical terms, technical jargon for any field of study, company names, species names, or anything else you can think of that wouldn't be easy to find in a dictionary. I'm wondering also, if there are any audio dictionaries for other languages. I know I can go to answers.com and find the audio pronunciation for just about any English word, but I've searched and searched and I can't seem to be able to find a corresponding website for French, or Russian, or German.

As a second option, do you know of any sites that have phonetic pronunciations? So that the word "pronunciation" is written out "pruh-NUN-see-ay-shun" instead of "prə-nŭn'sē-ā'shən." I'm doing this for Librivox and most people find that confusing.


Also, I don't mean any websites that give general tips on how to pronounce French, German, etc. This is not for people who want to learn the language - this is for people who are volunteer reading free audio books and come across words difficult to pronounce.

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    I think you can try learn it in kbs website..i learn korea from there and i already can write and read korean..but not very fluently..

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