need help on AT&T stock information?

this is for a class project... i was at yahoo and on the historical price chart

Date Open High Low Close Avg Vol Adj Close*

Jul-84 59.75 62.00 58.75 60.75 2,050,000 1.88

but on the basic chart... july 84 it looked like about 6 dollars... whats the deal... i don't quite get it...

sorry i m just a student if i sound newbish >.<

and the merger with cingular and other companies? but they all trade under AT&T? how does that affect the stock? i don't quite understand how they can trade under 1 stock... so yea anyone can help?


Date Jul-84

Open 59.75

High 62.00

Low 58.75

Close 60.75

thats whats on the historical prices of jul 84

but on the graph... july 84 it says 4.9792

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    Here is the problem. "T" has a Humpty Dumpty history. It was all broken apart back in the 1980's, nearly went bust, and has an extensive history in recent years of having a few of the pieces rejoined.

    Any stock history is meaningless since T is not the company it used to be thus past history is irrelevant. Daily price history would have to be extensively adjusted for spinoffs, splits, mergers, etc. Here's the link to the history documentation

    If you really want to wow your prof. Download the free trial of FastTrack at . This will put software and 20 years of data on your computer. From that you can display a chart and view each merger, dividend, etc. on the T chart.

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