Hey!! How do you sharpen your iceskates?? Without a machine or anything?

Could you tell me in detail please. Thanks

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    You have to use a manual skate sharpener.

    The steel ice skate was invented in 1867 by John Forbes, foreman at the Starr Manufacturing Company, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It was a clip-on design. Their Acme brand became famous worldwide.

    In about 1859, James A Whelpley of New Brunswick, Canada developed a skate that was well suited for long distance skating on the bays and lakes of southern New Brunswick.[1] It was called the Long Reach skate, after Long Reach, a section of the Saint John River, where the Whelpley family operated a factory manufacturing the skates. The skate had a steel blade about 40 cm long, on a wood platform that was attached by leather straps to normal boots.[2] The Whelpley family continued to make the Long Reach skates in New Brunswick, until about 1886, when the factory was moved to Keene, New Hampshire.

    Modern ice skate blades are not shaped like knives. The bottom of the blade has a crescent-shaped hollow, creating two sharp edges on each skate. Ideally, the two edges of a blade are parallel, but poor maintenence practices, such as improper sharpening or lack of consistent sharpening, can often result in oblique edges. These "bad" edges can affect skating ability significantly. The depth of this hollow is known as the Radius Of Hollow (ROH). The optimal depth depends on factors such as the skater's weight, ability, strength, and style of play. The skater uses these edges in different combinations in order to maneuver. When ice skates are sharpened the blade is ground against a template either to restore the hollow or provide a different radius.

    Speed skates, however, have a completely flat bottom. There is no hollow, only a squared off bottom with 2 edges. This improves glide time by not cutting into the ice.

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    Without anything? You don't. Duh!

    You at least need a sharpening stone made for skates. It's about an inch round and is held in place by guides that ride on the sides of the skate blade. It's very difficult to do it right without a lot of experience. You will spend more money on skates you ruin than you will if you just had a pro sharpen them to begin with.


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    you stick it in a pencil sharpener

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