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What are some paper product companies that don't use virgin forests, but are still high in quality?

I know kleenex uses virgin forests, but it seems like all other brands are scratchy.

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    international paper, fort james, and other major paper companies dont use virgin forests, they are constantly planting pine forests in 11 year cycles and harvesting them

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    Pacific Pulp Products uses 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and more regrowth forest in northern cali and oregon to harvest....they stopped cutting down virgin forest long ago around 1977. They began replanting clear cut zones with genetically growth enhanced sequoia sempervirens (redwoods) and they are now harvesting vast regrowth acreages.

    It was PPP that first went into the Mt. St. Helens area to begin logging all the millions of trees knocked down by the eruption. They did this while their newly planted clear cuts took root and began growing. Lots of trees would have gone to waste if it weren't for companies like PPP in the years after Mt. St. Helens' eruption.

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    Almost all wood pulp paper in the U.S. is derived from farm grown trees.

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