Is my friend's girlfriend crazy...????

Me and my friend decide to hang out a bar one night, which is rare since he always has to hang out with her. For once she agrees and says, "okay see you tomorrow". Around 11:30 she calls him on the cell and HAS to see him now and wants to come to bar. My friend knows this doesn't enthuse me but he says okay and gives directions. She is really bad at driving and navigation, despite him talking to her for 30 min she can't find the place gets mad and accuses him of crap like giving her false directions. This ends when she gets pulled over by the cops for erratic driving (turns out she was drunk, lucky to escape with just a ticket). Takes another 30 min after (and more senseless argueing) before we finally meet up. When we do she screams at my friend all over again, saying things that are completely untrue and absurd like "this is all your fault" "this is abuse" "you gave me wrong directions" "you never want to hang out with me". Are crazy situations like this normal for any relat'ship?


You are right about the part of the other people in his life becoming MIA, because last night definitely was not pleasant for me.

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    No, this is not normal. This is a HUGE sign of insecurity on her part. This will never change if she does not get help for it.

    If your friend is able to deal with it, fine. But I think he will discover the other people in his life will become distant and possibly MIA after dealing with this for a long period of time.

    The one thing you cannot do is ask him to make a choice, that would be putting you right on the same playing field as her. Keep your distnance, but be there for him when he wakes up.

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    This girl sounds mad and possessive and no, I wouldn't call that normal. But your friend is with her for a reason so you shouldn't intervene or bad mouth her cos you'll end up the bad guy. One day your friend will see sense and the both of you will laugh about it. Until then just try to be there for him if he needs you, and by what you've said I'd say he's going to need psychiatric help when he finally gets away from

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    no not normal at all shes seems very insecure and selfish and jealous! hopefully your friend will realize and get out of the relationship and find a healthier one

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    WOW. She is flippin crazy!

    She is very clingy. To me this is NOT normal.

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    girls are so wierd sometimes.

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