should schools use school uniforms?

were do you stand on school uniforms? why do you choose to support or oppose school uniforms? did you wear a school uniform? have you whished you had?


when i was in sixth grdae i was in a school uniform and that was when i was teased the most about my apearence.

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    No it takes away our creative nature. its an irrelavant and stupid system. why would we want to all look the same. all the ppl that answered said it broke down classes. it doesn't break down classes. whether or not ur wearing a uniform. your are still poor or still rich. and ppl at my school poor ppl spend a whole lot of money on clothes instead of doing something reasonable with the money. it depends how much the person cares what he/she wears. and being able to wear what you want is also a kid and teenage thing. when you go to work for the first time you have to wear a uniform or a suit. fancy parties dresses, suites, tuxedos. only now do we have the chance to express ourselves and that shouldn't be brought down just because other people don't feel like their lower.

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    Hello! I, as a person who had been wearing uniforms for a very long time, believe all schools (all public schools) should wear uniforms. I think school is about learning, insted of how to look. I feel it both distracts, and takes valuable learning time away from kids. When a teacher has to tell a student to "go to the office and change" it takes away time from learning. Also, it makes the school look better. When students from a school are seen dressing inappopropriatly, it makes the school look bad. Also, personally, I love my uniform!!

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    I hate school uniforms. I had one for two years and now I can wear jeans and a t shirt it's so nice.

    First of all, if you're poor and want nice clothes, since uniforms need logos and nice clothing such as khakis, you still need to spend money on it. My uniform was a polo shirt and khakis and I paid more for it than what I wear now.

    Secondly, I felt very uncomfortable In it. I like wearing jeans since they are darker and thicker. I could never find khakis that make me feel conifdent with my appearance. I always outgrow my shirts around winter in a spurt, so I'd have to buy a bunch of new shirts at winter AND the next school year after I grew over the summer. My khakis were pale and stained easy and made me feel sloppy every now and then when I got bumped with marker or something. (When I had my period I hated it because the pants were so freaking pale it was like wearing a sign over your head the red was so noticeable).

    It made me very uncomfortable with myself. I truly disliked it and now that I can wear normal clothes I feel more confident and comfortable.

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    should schools use school uniforms?

    were do you stand on school uniforms? why do you choose to support or oppose school uniforms? did you wear a school uniform? have you whished you had?

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    It is important to wear uniform because if your school goes on field trips or stuff like they would have to look at the uniforms to make sure they got all the students

    Source(s): My school didnt have uniforms in 3 kids got lost on field trips
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    it takes away individualism but I think it's good. it creates equality. everyone is in same boat. your not the rich or poor kid. your the same as everyone. it also means u don't have to spend forever wondering what you're going to wear. u can also get away with not washing them for a little longer. I have a few shirts, pants, jumpers etc. once I went a week without washing it. it was winter so they weren't all sweating. and I just sprayed on extra deodorant. I did have to wear uniform but my school got the occasional casual day for fundraisers and stuff. it was a bit of a treat for us.

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    No no no Schools should not have School Uniforms. "WHAT EVER THE HELL WE WANT!!"

  • No we should all go naked.

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    I don't think schools should have uniforms, because we'd look the same all year. It would get really boring and plain to look at. Also, I'm used to wearing different clothes every day. Maybe I wouldn't mind too much if the uniforms looked deadly, like some uniforms in Japanese anime books and shows.

  • yes schools should were uniforms. but make it something that is generic- tan/blue dockers pants and a white/blue button down shirt. ties for boys, female ties for girls. have friday as dress down day for charity, 1.00 to wear jeans and a tshirt.

    I did not wear a uniform, wished I had to, would have made all people the same class, and would not mtter if you were the richest or the poorest, you all were the same.

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