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How can my friend stop stuttering?

My friend stutters. Unless he says less than a sentence he will stutter and then his mouth will get stuck open like he is trying to bite through something. The only thing that has ever stopped the stuttering is drugs and alcohol. I think the problem stems from his brain but is exasperated by stress.

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    The following information is from The Stuttering Foundation:

    What causes stuttering? There are four factors most likely to contribute to the development of stuttering: genetics ( approximately 60% of those who stutter have a family member who does also); child development (children with other speech and language problems or developmental delays are more likely to stutter); neurophysiology ( recent research has shown that people who stutter process speech and language in different areas of the brain than those who do not stutter); and family dynamics ( high expectations and fast-paced lifestyles can contribute to stuttering).

    Stuttering may occur when a combination of factors comes together and may have different causes in different people. It is probable that what causes stuttering differs from what makes it continue or get worse.

    6 Tips For Speaking With Someone Who Stutters

    Stuttering may look like an easy problem that can be solved with some simple advice, but for many adults, it can be a chronic life-long disorder. Here are some ways that you, the listener, can help.

    1. Don’t make remarks like: “Slow down,” “Take a breath,” or “Relax.” Such simplistic advice can be felt as demeaning and is not helpful.

    2. Let the person know by your manner that you are listening to what he or she says — not how they say it.

    3. Maintain natural eye contact and wait patiently and naturally until the person is finished.

    4. You may be tempted to finish sentences or fill in words. Try not to. Use a relatively relaxed rate in your own speech — but not so slow as to sound unnatural. This promotes good communication.

    5. Be aware that those who stutter usually have more trouble controlling their speech on the telephone. Please be patient in this situation. If you pick up the phone and hear nothing, be sure it is not a person who stutters trying to start the conversation before you hang up.

    6. Speak in an unhurried way — but not so slowly as to sound unnatural. This promotes good communication with everyone.

    There are no instant miracle cures for stuttering. Therapy, electronic devices, and even drugs are not an overnight process. However, a specialist in stuttering can help not only children but also teenagers, young adults and even older adults make significant progress toward fluency.

    The Foundation lists specialists on their web site for speech therapy for stuttering. Click on "referrals" and find the country and state you need. If going to a specialist is not possible, get the Foundation's book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer."

    Source(s): come from a family of stutterers who got help through The Stuttering Foundation www.stutteringhelp.org
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    You are correct (sort of). Our understanding of stuttering is that it is actually a neurologic condition, not a psychiatric condition. However, it is also clear that anxiety states will affect how severe it is.

    That being said, treatments for stuttering typically involve ways to reduce the anxiety about talking. This is typically done by speech therapists, but in theory, psychotherapy for anxiety may be helpful too. There are some medications that MIGHT be helpful, but none have had particularly exciting results.

    As always, discuss these and any questions with your or his doctor. Good luck!

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    Go to the web site for The Stuttering Foundation and you will find a bunch of info on stuttering including things you can do to help.

    Source(s): www.stutteringhelp.org
  • Time can heal everything. I had a friend who stuttered for eight years and me personally, I was terrified of being in social groups for about ten years but it's something you overcome with time. Drugs and alcohol are not solutions, and there is no reason to solve everything NOW even though the pain seems great at times. Never use a temporary solution to a long term problem. The one who cannot accept his condition is the one whose most likely to overcome it which is why I believe doctors should never tell their patients that their problem is incurable.

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    You should research this on the net and get info from speech therapists. Those who stammer can recite quite well, and sing flawlessly. Singing is one of the techniques for thwarting whatever causes one to stammer. Some have found that leading into a statement with a hum (it doesn't have to be obvious, in time it can be unnoticeable) or thinking ahead and then modulating the voice almost as if singing, can get a statement out without stammering.

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    Tell him about The Stuttering Foundation's web site

    Source(s): www.stutteringhelp.org
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    It is caused by a stressful upbringing. He is afraid that he won't get it perfect, that's why people stutter. It has to do with breathing patterns too. Have him concentrate on slow breathing not the speech as he talks, and let him know it's ok to make mistakes when he talks, he doesn't have to get it perfect.

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    like the other guy said, take to a speech therapist or go to a speech center. you can tell him to chew gum

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    Honestly, that trait is inborn, and cannot be easily fixed, even with the most rigorous treatment.

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    i'm sorry, buti couldn't help but to chuckle at the way this question sounded, maybe you can get himto visit a doctor or something like that.

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