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I love the look of the Doberman Pinscher dogs. However, are their ears naturally pointed upwards like that?

I really want to adopt a doberman Pinscher. I used to work at a veterinarian's clinic, and I got the chance to walk a full grown, healthy, well-mannered doberman. It was so beautiful! It had a shiny coat, ears pointed straight up, and a docked tail. However, I'm now worrying that my future dog won't look (or act) that way. I recently saw a guy walking a doberman with dull fur, a flabby body, floppy ears, and a mean attitude. I fear that that this breed may be too much for me to handle. I've heard that about Rotweilers; does that go for doberman's too?

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    Dobermans are not as hard to handle as rottweilers. I have never in my time working at vet clinics met a mean or even an "iffy" doberman [though, as with any breed, there are sure to be some with behavioral problems]. I used to own a rescue, purebred dobie, for fourteen great years. And she was the runt of her litter.

    The coat will not be dull if you give it good food and keep its skin healthy. Nutrition. Talk to your vet about this if/when you adopt a puppy.

    Docking tails is optional, but nearly all dobermans have it down. Cropping ears is something that you will likely have control over, if you adopt a puppy, and I would beg you now not to do it. My dobie had natural ears and I think they look much better. There is no reason for cropped ears other than vanity; show dobermans are not required to have their ears cropped. It is a painful procedure for them, you become the bad guy for a few weeks having to change bandages, and in the end the ears may not even be able to stand up straight.

    Read more about cropping here:

    Dobermans are strong-willed, but they are also great companion dogs and are amazingly gentle and sweet. Mine never in her fourteen years was aggressive towards anyone, and she met all sorts of people and animals.

    If you have problems yourself, consult a trainer in your area or take your dog to classes.

    Thanks for choosing to adopt! <3

    In response to fuji:

    Dobermans do not "turn" on their owners. That is a myth, and if you actually did research, you would find that out.

    Also, cropping ears does NOT help dogs hear better. It also does not prevent ear infections, another common misconception.

    Source(s): Vet assistant. Dobie lover.
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    Nope, its croped that way. And as far as everything else, YOU have to make it that way. My dobies were always cropped, but the one I just rescued has floppy ears. And he beautiful. People are always stopping and telling me how beautiful he is, and If I made him take steroids, if I waxed his coat, or is he a show dog. It just Depends a on the owner. Like people, the ugliest person can be beautiful if some work was put in. And Dobermans are MUCH easier to handel, you wouldnt believ the diffrence. Dobermans are taller then rotties, but rotties are wider. And more stout, but you could have them properly trained. That goes with dobermans too, properly train it, and you will have the best dog in the world!

    Source(s): Doberman trainer/breeder/owner/expert.
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    No, their ears must be cropped to stand up. The dog that you had the experience to walk was trained.

    Any dog must be trained and well maintained to look and respond like you described in your experience.

    That means the proper diet, proper exercise, proper grooming, and a lot of time with training. And believe me that training isn't over in a few weeks it is as long as you have your dog. It take a total commitment for the life of your companion.

    If you want a good Doby first of all make sure that you find a reputable breeder that has a good bloodline and do a lot of research about the problems this breed can have. As the breeder if any of these problems are in their line and the breeder should be able to back up their answers with vet records.

    Good Luck and remember it takes a lot of commitment for any breed of dog.

    Source(s): trainer/breeder 42 years
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    The Doberman's ears are floppy.

    A Doberman is not a good dog for a first time dog owner.

    He requires a lot of socialization and training.

    I used to breed Dobermans, they are an awesome dog, but not for everybody.

    You are so wise to research first!

    If you put in your own zip code here>

    You may find one that is already trained and well mannered..Just click on the name of any dog to get more details about him.

    You will see them on that site with natural, nicely cropped, and poorly cropped ears..Many are purebreds

    If you live on the West Coast,, this one is a doozy! >

    Source(s): dog breeder since 1968
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    no they are not!!! their ears are naturall floppy but some people decided to crop them (make them go up) because they can have better hearing that way.

    dobermans are naturally protective of their owners if u treat them right. which is fine for dogs but dobermans are bloody huge and strong. if you do not have the strength to restrain them, then you are in big trouble if it gets into a fight. they can definitely pose a threat to the community if they are not trained properly and can bite their own owners without notice, much like huskys. to those people who think that they are vicious, they are actually loving and caring dogs but if you don't train them properly (such as punishing them when they do something wrong) you will be faced with a very angry dog.

    there is a man who lives near me who has a doberman and he hasn't trained it properly. he can barely hold onto it and when he doberman saw my dog, it nearly tried to rip its head off and the man could just barely hold onto his dog.

    so i would strongly recommend to work out a bit before getting one and not to be sexist but if you are a women, i would not suggest to walk this dog unless you are 100% sure it wont do anything dangerous

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    Nope, nor is their tail normally that short. The ears are surgically altered and part of their tail surgically removed to make them that way. In regards to their attitude, as with any dog, if you love your baby and treat it with love and kindness, they will have very sweet personalities. Dog are reflections of their owners. If the dog is mean, so's the person walking it. Sorry!! DOGS RULE!!!

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    Those were me and my sisters favorite dogs growing up. Now she has 2 rottweilers. But have to get them cropped yourself. Im not sure how much it costs these days.

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    No, just as many breeds have their tails docked, this breed can have their ears altered to stand up.

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    Nope, they are cut like that. They naturally have floppy ears; just like pit bulls and boxers.

    I'll never understand how that got started.

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    nope, they have to be cropped.

    They actually have rather droopy ears.

    how did I get a thumbs down, and the guy below me get a thumbs up for the same response?

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