Neil Gaiman's Font please?

Hello Guys!

I consider myself being a huge Neil Gaiman fan. Recently i bought a Neverwhere copy from my local bookshop and i was wondering what's the name of the font Neverwhere is written of ( on the first and last cover) that kind of sloppy writing.

I must say my copy is an UK one...the black one with a rat's body printed on the top.

I'd really appreciate your help


i probably didn't mentioned that the sloppy writing is not on Neverwhere only. All Neil's books printed in UK have this font. So i don't thing is something particulary. But thanks for searching

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    I love Neil Gaiman! Your covers are much better than the US ones I've got...I should get my friend in Wales to ship me some. ^_^

    Anyway, I tried the website of the cover designer, gray318, which is the nom de art of Jonathan Gray.

    I didn't find anything on Gray's website, so I went to Gaiman's website, as well as his publishers. Still no luck, though his publisher has the font all over the site (but as images rather than text).

    No luck there. You might be able to ask the publisher what the font is, since they use it so much...

    You could probably e-mail gray318, but I don't know if he'd appreciate that or not. ^_^ Here's his e-mail anyway...

    I also found a good website for figuring out fonts. You enter the URL of an image into the search, and it finds the closest fonts for you. It is the same as the last person sent you, only a different part of the site that is easier to use. You don't have to go through 300+ pages! You just upload a picture onto their search. I didn't see the font, but I think it is probably a scuffed-up version of some other font. Oh well.

    If I don't find it...good luck!

    Source(s): Here's gray318's website: Neil's site: Neil's UK publisher's site: Here's the "font search" page: Try entering this picture link into the font search. I didn't find it, but maybe I just didn't give it enough of a try...
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  • 1 decade ago

    You can go to the page below, type Neverwhere on the sample text box and start looking. You can pass the first 30 pages, I checked them and its not there, but there are still 351 pages more. Good luck.

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