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what are the (free)masons?

are they good? bad? cult? running the USA?

and what does their sign mean [ the angle with the G ]

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    The Freemasons have their origins in the guilds of operative masons who built the cathedrals during the middle ages. They included both masons, architects, and engineers. At some time, the guilds permitted the entry of "speculative" masons, who were generally the elite of the day. The "recorded" history of freemasonry began in 1717 with the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England.

    People say that freemasonry is a secret society, but how can that be when you can purchase books containing the ritual, and you can even see what the rituals are by doing an internet search.

    Freemasonry includes achieving different degrees. The ritual of those degrees comes from the Bible, and it teaches values such as Charity and a belief in a Supreme Being.

    Much of what Freemasonry does involves charitable works. This includes the Shriners and their Shrine hospitals and burn centers which provide free medical care to children. The medical care is free, and they will even drive you to your appointments at the hospital if you live some distance away.

    The sign of freemasonry includes the square and compass. The square would symbolize fair dealing (being on the square), and the compass would symbolize being circumspect. The "G" in the center of the figure of the square and compasses refers to "God", the belief in whom is the foundation of freemasonry.

    Many of the great leaders of the American revolution were freemasons, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock. Also, many of our great presidents were freemasons, including James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt,, the most recent of whom was Harry S. Truman. Bill Clinton, although not a freemason, had been a member of DeMolay, a masonic-affiliated organization. Many foreign leaders were freemasons, including Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Simon Bolivar, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Famous people in the military include William "Buzz" Aldrin (astronaut), General Omar Bradley, General Jimmy Doolittle, General Douglas MacArthur, General John "Black Jack" Pershing, and Air Force Ace Eddie Rickenbacker. Other famous people include, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Louis Armstrong (jazz musician), Irving Berlin (composer), Roy Clark (western singer), George Frederick Handel (composer), Norman Vincent Peale (religious leader), W. E. B. DuBois (educator / scholar), Medgar Evers (civil rights leader), Jesse Jackson (civil rights leader), John Marshall (Supreme Court Chief Justice), Sir Isaac Newton, Voltaire (French philosopher), and John Wayne (actor).

    You may find masons in many occupations. In my town, many of the freemasons are members of the construction trades, they are employed in law enforcement, health care, the ministry of the Gospel, etc. They are also deacons and elders, and vestrymen at our local churches.

    The belief in the existence of a Supreme Being (God) is required to become a freemason. In that regard, masons accept Christians, Jews, and Muslims, as well as some who may be described as deists or theists.

    I do not believe it is bad. It is not running the United States. To become a Mason, ask a Mason.

    Source(s): I am one.
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    The Freemasons are an old guild that originated in Europe. They had ties to the Illuminati but what you read in Dan Brown's book is mostly artistic license.

    They are a secretive society but honestly they don't have some monumental secret they just keep secrets for the traidition.

    Freemasons were originally only white men who are intelligent, prominent, contribute to society, etc. But apparently they have let other ethnicities in.

    Their symbol is a tool of masonry! Not sure of its name.

    They began as a guild just like any other craftsmen guild in Medieval Europe. Then they grew incredibly powerful and became what they are today.

    Many of our founding fathers were free masons and mason symbols do actually cover the dollar. HOWEVER, most people think masons are secular because of the motto on the dollar "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which means "New Secular Order. However this is untrue!

    To be a freemason you must believe in a God. Doesn't matter which God, just a God.

    But to join the highest ranks of freemasonry, or the Poor Fellow Knights of the Temple of Solomon otherwise known as the Knights Templar you must be a Christian.

    Hope I helped :)

    Source(s): Great-Grandfather was a freemason
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    Freemasons are not bad, not a cult, and not running the USA. We are the worlds oldest and largest fraternal orginization. Many powerfull men including many of Americas founding fathers were Masons. But the fraternity is much older than that.

    The Square and Compas were working tools of operative stone masons, where it is said the fraternity originated. The "G" in the middle is a bit of a mystery. Some masons say it stands for God and some say it stands for Geometry, which also is used in operative masonry.

    The fraternity does keep certain secrets as a tradition, but much about freemasonry is not secret.

    Source(s): I am a Freemason. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me.
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    Masons are first and foremost a charitable organization which gives about 1 Million USD to charity a DAY nation wide

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    Freemasons where originally a guide of masons, what it is now I suspect is like a fraternity in college but with a more serious agenda.

    Source(s): Phi Delta Theta in college
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    They say that they are a secret socity that that hold the hollygrail.

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    I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.


    Come on, I was just joking.

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    ...always thought they were volunteer bricklayers?

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