What is your definition of give and take in a relationship?

I've been in a realationship 4 about 3 months now,and all i do is give and all she does is take..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're feeling this way after a few months, the landscape isn't looking too good. What do you expect from her? If you know the answer to this, talk to her, and tell her how you feel. Good luck.

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    I have been with my hubby now for almost 3 years we've been married almost 7 months. Here is how we handle everything. If one puts cloths in washer the other puts in dryer. We both fold and hang up. If one cooks the other washes dishes. Most of the bills are in his name so I by grocerys and then what ever I have left I give him all but 100 for gas,ect. We do everything we possibly can to make each others life easier. We've been this was for almost 6 years. We worked to gether till we desided to get married and had to change shifts. We have four kids so we help each other all the time. I want to give all I can to him as he does me because the appreciation means the world. Our x were as you described. His x wife spent all his money and wouldn't keep house wouldn't work she didn't cook and didn't do for the kids. My x was the same. They were married for 10 years I was married for 8. So we both are so gratefull for the love and consideration from the other we'd never do anything to take it away. If a couple wants a happy life it has to be 50/50 or its not going to work. Find your soul mate sure it may take a while but the more duds you find the more you will appretiate the true one.

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    I am a female married for 16 years.In a good relationship you have to give when you may not always want to.You should also expect to be able to take as much as you give.It's not a one way street.

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    what you give... food, jewelry, clothes, what... what you want she give you? and think is you want this woman you need to be romantic... flowers, dinners, but that not mean every day.. you not show you love to give every time you and her be together....

    good luck...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well then she isnt for you ! you know she should GIve something you know !! and bealive me you should find a better girlfriend ! BECAUSE IF YOU WILL GIVE SHE WILL ALWAYS ASK FOR MORE !! and then dump your *** !!

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