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I want to remove/delete FireFox permanently!?

How can I remove Mozilla FireFox?

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    i'm surprised none of the answerers above have mentioned about deleting the firefox installation folder and profile folder. Had they included that, i wouldn't have written my answer.'s how you uninstall/remove/delete firefox Permanently:

    1)Uninstall firefox from the add/remove control panel (Start-> Run and type 'appwiz.cpl' (without quotes) or 'control appwiz.cpl' if ur in win9x and hit OK. Select mozilla firefox from the list and hit remove.

    2)Now delete the Mozilla Firefox folder from 'program files' (Assuming firefox is installed in C:\program files, Go to that path and delete the entire Mozilla firefox folder.

    3)Now remove the firefox folder from : start-> run-> type in %appdata% and hit OK (this will open the application data folder)->Mozilla. Delete the Firefox folder in the Mozilla directory. If you use only the Firefox 'product' of Mozilla, then its ok to delete the Mozilla folder itself.

    4) Finally If you want, also use a registry cleaner application to delete dead firefox entries from the registry after uninstallation.

    That's it. Now firefox is 'permanently' removed [ (unless you install it back again ;) ]

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    Method 1:

    Go to start, then to the control panel. Open up

    Add or Remove Programs. Find Mozilla Firefox. Click on it. Follow the directions

    Method 2:

    IF this dosen't work, try System Restore. System Restore deletes programs and makes it like it was yesterday. It's like going back in time but on a computer.


    1. Open to start.

    2. Go to all programs.

    3. Then Acessories. (does it matter if I spelled that wrong?)

    4. Then System Tools.

    5. Finally System Restore.

    6. Click on "restore my computer to an earlier time"

    7. Select the day. Click next.

    8. Confirm it. Click next.

    9. Your computer will restart and then go back to the way everything it was JUST BEFORE you installed Mozilla Firefox. If you don't like this idea, you can reverse it by going back into System Restore and clicking "undo my last resoration"

    : > D

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    You can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox from here

    Mozilla Firefox is one of the world's most popular web browsers and, to me, it's the best.

    Very useful program!


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    firefox moilla will not let you undstall, and it was about to crash my computer. I WORKED 8 hours, and the only way is revo unstaller

    They have A specal on cheap, but, when I did not buy they let me do it anyway

    Check all boxes with name mozilla and also firefox . be sure and check

    Other than that you are stuck with this horrid program

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    All of the above are good answers but IF there are some remnants of FIREFOX remaining (dlls or logs) the best way is to go to your REGISTRY CLEAN program and delete it entirely. If you don't have one let me know and I'll walk you through it step by step. Ron

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    go into the control panel and find the add/remove programs

    then click remove just remove firefox do not rmove everything and anything that is there lol

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    same way you do any other program go into the control panel and find the add/remove programs icon then scroll through the list till u find the one u wanna get rid of

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    i comprehend with the networked workstation stations at my community college campus, they reset the machines on the tip of on a daily basis and the settings are restored to the defaults the administrator set, and you are able to not replace plenty on the device simply by fact the registry has been heavily altered. i've got faith some thing comparable happens with the internet cafe desktops you're utilising. The clerk possibly isn't in charge of the community; the cafe possibly has a separate technician.

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    Remove It Permanently Firefox

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    if you insist, just go tothe add/remove programs list and uninstall it.

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