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should i use firefox?

should i run fire firefox?

whats the difference between that and internet explorer?


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    Firefox is similar to internet explorer in many ways, but you might want to switch browsers for the following reason:

    1. Firefox has more customization available. Want to add a media player, weather forecaster, or javascript blocker to your browser? Firefox makes it easy. You can even change the look of your browser using easy-to install themes.

    2. Firefox is attacked by less viruses. The difference is smaller in more recent times, but it's still there.

    You might stick with internet explorer for these disadvantages:

    1. Firefox is slower to boot than internet explorer. It sometimes takes my portable version of Firefox (with plenty of memory-consuming add-ons) two minutes to boot up.

    2. Firefox isn't compatible with every program or every web site. Add-ons can fix this problem, but its often an extreme annoyance.

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    I use both IE7 and Firefox but my primary browser is Firefox. I prefer Firefox because at the moment it is more secure than IE7. It is faster than IE7, especially when using tabs. And, Firefox has a huge amount of useful add-ins compared to IE7. My favorite at the moment is Cooliris. Cooliris is available for IE6 but at the moment not for IE7. Find the add-ins that work for you and your browsing experience will be much more enjoyable with Firefox. Firefox even has an add-in to allow you to view certain pages in IE for those sites that display only in IE (ie: Microsoft updates)

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    Firefox is good but i prefer Internet explorer as many websites work better on it for example my site try it with Internet explorer and the firefox and you will see a big difference. Site is

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    i'm using firefox.

    i use internet explorer only when the site needs to be accessed by internet explorer.

    advantages of firefox:

    - better security, the main reason why i use it

    - extendebility and flexibility: install extensions and plugins according to your needs. i install some extensions on my firefox and i rarely see any banner ads or get popups.

    disadvantage of firefox:

    - there are websites that only allow access by ie.

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    Simple answer: YES! Firefox is a way better browser than IE. It virtually never crashes, it has a good inbuilt spell-checker for when you're typing emails, answers like this, comments etc, and its interface is better looking.

    It's free; it's great. Download Firefox now!

    ~ Navtej Kohli

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    Firefox is more secure, faster, uses less system resources and -- best of all -- is not the private property of a company (it's open source software).

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    i'm using Firefox suitable now. :] IE is going large gradual, i don't probable ever use Safari, i've got not got Opera, and Chrome crashes actual.. yet I do think of Chrome could are available 2nd. :]

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    USE FIREFOX!!!!! It is so amazing and is so much better than IE. It is more reliable, faster, blocks popups, doesn't require active X for any thing (which kills the computer), looks nicer, and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more.

    In conclusion why would you want to use IE???

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    Firefox is customizable which makes it alot more user friendly. You can block popups and java and annoying flash. I would never uninstall firefox off my machine

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    firefox pwns the **** out of internet explorer. It's easier to use/simpler, and i think it takes up less processing power

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