A good romance book/novel, lately?

Would any helpful readers please give me names of books that are just hard to put down? I want to read something romantic, with twists and turns....maybe a mystery with a love interest. I use to read ALL the time, but have gotten so far from that. I have no idea what's in or what would get my reading juices flowing again. Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

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    I love Holly Lisle's romance books. Last Girl Dancing, Midnight Rain, I See You, and Night Echoes.

    I've heard that the Marcus Didius Falco mysteries are fantastic and have a love story in them, the first is The Silver Pigs, by Lindsey Davis. I've ordered the first book and haven't gotten it yet.

    There's no mystery involved, but I just read The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber and it was a good easy read.

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    these are the two books that i always recommend to people, especially romance lovers (lol):

    Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

    New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

    they are vampire romances. i promise, they're not the cheesy, tacky, sappy kind. i guarantee that u will love them. there's this girl named Bella and she falls in love with a vampire named Edward. at first, he insists that it's not safe for them to even be friends, but star-crossed lovers can never be separated! there's a perfect mix of horror and romance (and somewhat of a love triangle in the second book in the series, New Moon). u will cheer, u will laugh, u will cry (i did!). for more information on these books (plot, characters, etc.), go to


    u will be missing a ton if u don't read these books.

    other good books:

    dreadful sorry - katheryn reiss

    gone with the wind - margaret mitchell

    uglies - scott westerfeld

    pretties - scott westerfeld

    specials - scott westerfeld

    happy reading!!!!

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    julie garwood is a romance writer but recently she's been writing mystery/suspense. the romance is still there, though. check out murder list, shadow dance, mercy, or heartbreaker. amanda quick is also a romance writer, but they're also mostly suspense/mystery, and they're usually set in england during the 1800s.

    one book that i couldnt put down was 'the maltese falcon' by dashiel hammett. that book is a mystery with twists and turns and a love interest too. this books is set in san francisco during the 1930s.

    if you want something light/funny, i suggest sophie kinsella.

  • The Bridge is a good mystery. As far as romance... try Little Black Girl Lost by Keith Lee Johnson and Afterburn by Zane.

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    Kristin Hannah is the ultimate in women's fiction. I highly recommend "The Things We Do for Love", "Comfort & Joy" and "Magic Hour". Also, the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts is a great read.

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    New Moon


    (3 part series- third part coming out this year)




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