What are the different types of sex?

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There are 3 types of penetrative sex

Vaginal Intercourse- which is the standard type of sex when a man puts his penis in a womans vagina

Anal sex- Is when the penis is inserted into an anus (butt)

Oral sex- is when there is mouth contact with a penis or vagina, licking or sucking on it

There is also non penetrative sex (outercourse) when nothing penetrates your body, like hugging naked, mutual masturbation stuff like that
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  • Magy G answered 7 years ago
    Type 1: Normal, really good.
    Type 2: To know what it tastes like.
    Type 3: I don't think so... exit only... lol.


    Not telling.
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  • Scottie answered 7 years ago

    same thing. it goes in a hole...
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  • BOLT FAN!!!! answered 7 years ago
    male and female.
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  • whole_feelings answered 7 years ago
    To the previous list of sex typology many answers mentioned, must be added touching, holding & kissing, masturbation, mutual masturbation, fingering, rimming and fisting too.
    But, aside from these sexual act (concerning penetrations) I think sex and sexuality get more and various faceting instead. For gay anal penetration acquires a meaning different from the hetero act; a fetishist will get different enjoyment thro masturbation with underwear as well as a voyeur by looking somebody having sex, and so on.
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