What is it like the first time you give blood?

I will be giving in about two hours, what do I need to know?

God Bless you


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  • Ken F
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    1 decade ago
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    They will put you through this process:

    1) Verbal Interview - some personal information will be disclosed.

    2) Simple Blood iron test (pricking test)...if you pass, you can proceed to donate

    3) Blood letting: they attach a needle with a tube to collect the blood. The needle is a little larger than normal, so it might bruise later; however, it feels about the same as any smaller needle. During the draw, you may need to pump a rubber ball to keep the blood circulating.

    4) After they are done drawing, they remove the needle and apply the bandaid.

    5) You will need to sit around until the nurse says you're okay to leave...enjoy some cookies and juice to replenish some of the nutrition lost during the process.

    The first time I donated, I felt fine...but after I got home, I felt tired and took a nap. The other times I donated, I did not experience that tiredness...maybe because I compensated by drinking extra fluids. Be sure to drink fluids before and after!

  • Nothing you do ! For the first time when you will finish it than for a few minute you may feel like some short of weakness ! But this is what only 50% experience and for 2 to 10 minutes time ! You should take some energetic fluid for this like coffee !But this is good to give blood donation ! You can give every 3 month because of the life of Red blood cell is 120 days if no injurious thing to it come on way !!for up to the age of 60 years and not beyond that !Because at age 60 new blood is being formed very slowly and so you cant effort to give what you have !Go on keeping this marvelous donation to strong brotherhood among we humans !if you are satisfied plz give best answer mark i need it!Always YouRsmE

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    it's easy, you fill out some paper work, they take a little blood from your finger and test it, to make sure you aren't anemic, if that is ok, then you go and lay on a table, they put a needle in the large vein inside your elbow, and you you intermittently squeeze a little roll in your hand to pump the blood into the pint bag. When the bag is full, they take out the needle put a little bandage on the insertion site, and you go and sit and have some juice and cookies, they do this so you can be observed for 15 to 20 minutes to make sure you don't pass out. A pint isn't usually enough to cause anyone any trouble, but the occasional person who hasn't eaten prior to donating will have a drop in blood sugar and faint.

    Source(s): RN
  • I'm a shamed to say I have never donated blood and I'm sorry for that.I think that it is a very kind thing for people to donate their blood so someone in need can get a blood transfusion and their life can possibly be saved.You should feel very good about that you are doing a very very special thing for other human beings.May God bless you and your loved ones always!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't ask! just feel it! then you will probably faint..

    if you survive, you wiil have problems at school or at work. you won't be able to use the internet again and all your credit cards will be blocked. whe you meet your girl. she won't recognize you and nobody will like anymore. then you'll have an accident and somebody wiil give you blood, but it'll be even worse, you'll become a chiken and you'll finish at a restaurant eaten by the person who received your blood...

    God bless me.

    all the best,

    Juan from Chile CHile lindo, lindo como un sol... la la la la :-)

  • *Jenn*
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    1 decade ago

    they have you fill out a paper with all your information ( remember you have to be at least 17 and weigh at least 100 pounds). then they will call you in to a private area and a nurse will go over your paper with you and ask you questions about your lifestile such as if you have any std's. they will also do a test to make sure your iron is high enough (it doesnt hurt) then they will have you lounge on a plastic cot and stick a port with a tube attatched to it in the crick of your arm. it will take about 20 minuets to fill up a bag of blood. then they will take you over to a sitting area to get something to eat and drink to bring your sugar level back up and then that is all there is to it.

    Source(s): my parents give blood all the time
  • 1 decade ago

    They will ask you questions about your health and habits.

    They will prick your finger to test if you have enough iron.

    They will take your temperature and blood pressure.

    When they actually start taking your blood, they will use a blood pressure cuff to squeeze your upper arm so they can see the blood vessel better. They will clean your arm and insert the needle.

    If you don't want to watch, don't. I personally think the finger prick stings more than the needle to donate.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing the gift of life!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Drink plenty of water, it makes it so much easier for the nurse to get the blood! Also, eat something so you don't get woozy! You're gonna do great and feel great for doing something that's gonna help somebody else! (that is if this is a donation.)

  • 1 decade ago

    good on you thay will check you and ask you to fill a form out it,s just a small prick and thay may give you a sweet drink after you have a short rest,i wish i could give blood ,but on my last test thay sent me to the doctor because my iron was very low,so much for trying ,we need more people like you ,susie

  • 1 decade ago

    just relax your blood may be saving a life

    Source(s): 22 pint donator
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