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Year 2019 - Cricket World Cup news: India failed to defeat Afghanistan in the world cup qualifier?

India failed to defeat Afghanistan in the world cup qualifier in the Asia-Pacific zone

Coach sehwag said that he is not worried bcoz he has backing of selectors, captain and board....and that they had wona close match against Papua new guinea just 2 yrs ago

Rahul Dravid,the coach of new zealand team said that Sachin should now consider retiring gracefully and let his son take over the captaincy

saurav ganguly, the coach of england feels that the boys need to control their emotions on the field

the current leading man from bollywood bret lee advices ms dhoni to take upacting as well

Minnows Pakistan beat Ireland in a close match...and thus they avanged their defeat in the 2007 WC against the then minnows ireland

Inzamam ul haq, who was the captain of the losing team and now the present coach said in a press interview that

"Boys plays well...they try hard...inshallah we wins the world cup"

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    Hmmm.........fickle minded!

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    12. This accomodates the 10 test sides and 2 qualifiers. We need the qualifiers as they can cause upsets and if they do well its often one of the stories of the tournament. And it promotes the game of cricket in that country. 16 is too many and causes the tournament to be too long. 8 doesn't accomodate all of the test nations let alone any qualifiers. Besides, this is the 'World Cup', not the Elite Test Cup. Any country recognised by FIFA can enter the football world cup, and any team that enters can reach the finals. There are so many associate and affiliate members of the ICC, why should they not be given the chance to play the big boys in the tournament? But only 2 qualifiers, not 6 - too many dead games and too long. Also, if it is 16 teams, do 4 groups of 4, but the top 2 should go into quarter finals not a super 8. Its the super 6 and super 8 that make the tournament too long.

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    Great joke indeed! I had a good laugh after many days of going through one-sided matches and sometimes tense but frustrating results. I would sum up this Question like a great work of imagination:

    A mental faculty of forming images or concepts of objects or situations not existent or not directly experienced; and/or mental creativity or resourcefulness of the person posted it.

    PS. Where was Bangladesh team in 2019? Perhaps you have written us off since chances are we are devoured by the Bay of Bengal within next 12 years and no entity in that name would exist (God forbid), thanks to Green House Gas effect!

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    Great! you made my day buddy. And anyway who knows in the game of cricket? These funny stories can turn to reality if they don't mend themselves.

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    lol !! thanx for giving us a good laugh !! i guess this would be very close to the reality , if these two "so called" great teams didn't change their attitude towards the cricket !!

    Good One !

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    Very funny! And as others have said, in twelve years time you never know!

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    Good Joke. I appreciate your humour sense

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    not fuuny really. Do not make fun of my country India

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    omgg!! dats hilarious=))=))


    i m still lafffin:))

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    HA HA HA!!

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